"Egg-static" about Easter

Today, I ran the Shamrock 5k Run in downtown Portland, Oregon.  It was a cold, cold day.  The weather could only be described as fickle.  We saw some light rain, some hail, some slushy snow, and some blue skies sneaking through occasionally.  IT WAS AMAZING!  (Well, me running three miles, all at once, and by choice is amazing!)  But I was talking about the weather.  :)

This is the beautiful city of Portland,OR, where I ran the Shamrock Run this morning with my sister and over 30 thousand others!  What a glorious day.  Plus, we crossed the finish line together.  Yay for us!!!

When we got back home my mind turned to other things I'm looking forward to...
Like Easter!

Easter is, by far, my favorite holiday of all.

Number one, because it signifies the resurrection of Christ.

It has also become a symbol of leaving behind a long and dreary winter and looking forward to the fresh new life, which is Spring.

And there is pretty much guaranteed to be a chocolate bunny or two around. ;)

After I got home from running, and coffee, and sushi with my sister :)  :)  :)   ~ I chilled on the couch and perused Pinterest.  It's like creating your very own online magazine and filling the pages with things you adore.
Or want to try.
Or just what inspires you. 
It is by far my most favorite time waster

Once I'd satisfied my Pinterest Addiction, I grabbed the glue gun and some miscellaneous scraps and went to work trying to create some Easter decorations for our home. 

Hmmmm, what to do with all of these Styrofoam eggs that Mom (In-law) gave to me....


I hot glued some ivory twine around one of the smaller eggs.

Not bad???

Looks kinda cute all by itself.

Then I hot glued some strips of ivory burlap to one of the larger eggs...

We will dub this one "The Mummy".  No pun intended.

Next I covered one with moss (and hot glued a good portion of my fingertips in the process, yowsa!)

I really like how this one turned out.

And because I don't know when to quit, and to offset "The Mummy", I did another egg in chocolate brown burlap strips...

NOT AT ALL what I was hoping for.  That's okay...it can act as "filler" for the rest.
I'm hoping to find my roll of jute tomorrow, when I have renewed my energy, and create a couple more.  In the meantime, maybe I will be struck with inspiration as to what else I can use to cover them.  I've seen some cute mod podge eggs, done with pretty paper napkins, music sheets, and book pages too.  We'll just have to wait and see.  I've got quite a few Styrofoam eggs to play with.

I think I'll have the preschoolers mod podge some too.  That should be fun!


  1. I really like them! I love that they are all neutrals! They look great together.

    @ Creatively Living

  2. Nice little grouping of eggs. I love how all the natural materials play so well off each other. Thanks for linking up to Sass's Sunday Salvation Show!

  3. Love them all! Congrats on getting out there and running! THAT is awesome!

    1. Thanks so much Sherry! It was challenging in a GOOD way. Have a beautiful week friend!

  4. These are so cute! I'm ready for Spring too. It's cold and rainy in San Diego today. I'm not as dedicated a runner as you, I don't do cold. Way to brave the elements and run your race. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Thanks Shannon. I love San Diego, but I've only been there when it was extremely hot. I have a picture that I took of my daughter when she was about 1 1/2 years old and her hair was wet from sweat. We don't usually get that hot up here. I don't think we broke 100 degrees once last summer. I'm not sure we broke 90. I enjoy the running and sign up for races to keep me motivated in between ;)
      I'm so happy to have found your blog and become a follower. You have a very nice space and I like your style. Looking forward to visiting.

    2. Congratulations to you and your husband too! That's awesome. So nice to go back to where you honeymooned. We have yet to get back to 5th Avenue Suites in Portland, where my husband proposed to me. Such good memories there!

  5. Lovely eggs you have made :)) Thank you for commenting on my post; the flower pots which I found in my basement will soon move out in my old solarium, I only have to do some painting there first. Don't have time for any easter preparations yet, but hope I will soon :))

    Have a nice week :))

  6. Beautiful eggs! I love them all! Would you be willing to link this post up to my Springtime Holiday Link Party? I'd love to have you! http://michellepaige.blogspot.com/2012/02/springtime-holiday-link-party.html
    By the way...I'm a PNW girl as well--outside of Seattle.
    Thanks, Michelle