A Lift

Have you ever felt like you needed a little lift?

Like you'd fallen down and just need that extra hand up? 

Or maybe you've been feeling the stresses of every day life and a touch of kindness would go a long way in making you smile? 

Every now and then we are touched by someone unexpected.  It could be a long lost friend that decides to reconnect just when you need them the most.  Or a casual acquaintance who is observant enough to notice that you aren't feeling 100%, and offers words of encouragement...just because they care.  Or maybe a cyber-friend who picked up on something being off, and was thoughtful enough to ask.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one whose had times in my life where I could use a little gesture, someone to care, a shoulder, a nudge.   I'll get to the point...

I've just travelled down a bit of rough road...  I don't know how important it is to share the nitty gritty details, but I feel like I'm finally getting back to my self.  What's most important about this "rough patch" is that people noticed something was wrong and they were caring enough to ask if I was okay, to encourage me, and to listen to me when I needed to work through things. 

It just so happens that Natalie of Northshore Days, an amazing blogger friend, was taking part in the "Pass It On Project", initiated by Karah at The Space Between.  Nat has been one of those cherished "encouragers" that have helped me through my "blog learning curve".  THANKS NAT!  And she created this gorgeous little bracelet for me and mailed it all the way from Auckland, New Zealand !!!  What a sweet surprise to receive right before Mother's Day and in a time when I needed a lift:

    And that wasn't all that was inside this darling little package that she so thoughtfully embellished:

It also contained this adorable zip charm!

Isn't it fun?  I clipped it onto my handbug for a touch of bright color.

I hope Natalie knows how much it means to me to be thought of and included in this project.  I can't wait to make something and Pass It On to others! 

Hmmm, what to make???

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  1. Okay - so you just made me cry!!! That was so lovely - I'm so glad I thought of you and asked you to take part.
    Woohoo - you're back - just don't go away for too long again hun
    biggest hugs xxxx Nat