Area Rugs Part 2 ~ Natural Fiber in the Family Room

New Natural Fiber Area Rug for the Family Room

Check out that amazing knappy texture.

Don't check out the clutter on my countertops, please!  Apparently I'm too busy to clean up and stage...Oops!  :( 

It definitely goes with our Cottage Vibe.  I didn't say Beach Vibe because Scott is anti-beachvibe ~ if you don't live at the beach.  I understand his perspective, BUT the beach is one of my FAVORITE places to be so I really don't see the harm in paying homage to it in small, thoughtful ways.  You won't find any buoys or anything crazy like that laying around here!  Just a color pallet reminiscent of the beach, some natural textures and maybe some small mementos here and there. 

(I don't know why the color is so washed out in these photos...except I don't know what the heck I'm doing or how to adjust the camera.  I'll figure that out eventually.  Maybe someone who knows what they are doing will give me some tips soon. ;))

The walls in this room will be the same pale grey-blue as the kitchen and dining room eventually ~ once I've worked my way around the downstairs with my brush and roller.   ;)

Just a quick reminder of what it looked like before the new rug...

And after!   Before I forget...Sadie says HI!


  1. Its a beautiful rug and the texture of it looks amazing! I just want to reach out and touch it! Your 'clutter' isn't bad at all I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out! Xx

  2. Oh I like this one even better than yesterday's! How beautiful! I live in land-locked Missouri....the only beachiness I'm going to get is what I give myself!!!

  3. I love your new rug! It really changes the look of the room. Very nice!!!

  4. I love this rug! It's even better than the cute chevron!

  5. Oh I likey!!!! It looks amazing and would look awesome with all my beachiness lol. And hey Sadie, sweet doggy xxx

  6. I love the rug...it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love the way you write Sherry...very personable and just soothes the soul. That doggie door is cute too...or is it a kitty door?