New Area Rugs Part 1 ~ Chevron pattern in the living room

Normally I don't even dream of buying area rugs.  I love what an area rug can do for a room but they just aren't easy on the budget.  I may have champagne taste on a beer budget when it concerns area rugs!  So I've made do with what I have. 

Recently I noticed that Rugs USA was having a SUMMER 75% off sale.  Hmmm.  That brought a couple of the "champagne budget" rugs down to the "beer budget" level.  Mighty nice discount, huh!?

I quickly ordered two area rugs that I loved with our Etsy "spending money".  (That's money we made selling our projects on Etsy and saved just for something that would otherwise be out of the question.)

Here's the chevron rug in the living room:

 *You may notice that there is NOTHING on the walls in this room. 

I'm working my way around the downstairs with this new cool-toned paint color...taking my own sweet time.  It was time for something other than beige.  I thought going with something cool would be new and BOLD for us, for a change.  I love these blue grey colors.  And with the new carpet in here...WOW.

Eventually (when I get around to it) I'll have the paint and trim finished and some artwork and accessories in this room.  :)   Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

 Scott's orange leather recliner plays off the blue in the carpet and walls nicely.

View into the dining area.  Oh, now I want to hurry up and finish painting down here and get some STUFF up on the walls!!!

Check back tomorrow to see the other new area rug.


  1. That chevron in blue really does look nice with those walls! I love the color and can't wait to see what you do in here on those walls! Nice score on the rugs!

  2. Love the rug!!! - We have the same greyish colour for a feature wall in our Lounge Room, and also a feature room in the Dining - it's different but looks great up on the wall -0 your room is lovely !!! Well Done!!!

  3. Oh I love the rug Sherry - and the walls and the orange recliner. Cant wait to see the room with your artwork up xxx

  4. The rug is so pretty! And I love the walls. If we can refinance our home...thanks crappy economy, we're going to pain the whole house and get new carpet.

  5. I like the wall color with that rug. Chevron is so fun!