From the Shores of New Zealand

A little package arrived ~ all the way from the shores of New Zealand.

Inside were two precious handmade bracelets.

Someone clearly knows how much I adore the beach.

A silver shell charm.

A seahorse.

What's my favorite?
It's got to be the big, round, turquoise beads.
Wait, it might be the beads made out of shell.
Okay, it's definitely the pearly, seafoam green beads.
But what about the translucent white beads? 
They all complement each other perfectly!!!

Then there is this bracelet. 
A silver chain with a double heart charm and a green glass bead. 
Green is my favorite color.

I want to wear them all the time.

AND when I'm not WEARING them...
I want to leave them DISPLAYED for everyone to ADMIRE.

Speaking of admiring.

My package also contained this sparkly Sun Catcher.
I hung it in my kitchen window where I can admire it daily. 

The winter months are quickly approaching. 

I will be missing the sunshine when the skies are grey.

It wasn't very promising that we would see it catching any sun today...

The window all splotchy from raindrops.

Look what happened ~ we got a surprise sun break.

It catches the rays of light and multiplies them.

It warms my heart and brings a smile to my sun-loving face.

My secret gift-giver is Natalie of NorthShore Days.

Thank you Natalie!

If you are interested in seeing more handmade treasures by Natalie ~
you can
 visit her Etsy Store by clicking below

Visit her blog, Northshore Days, for jewelry tutorials, DIY, and many Precious Moments. 

P. S.  Natalie's Handmade Trinkets will make wonderful gifts for the holidays.

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  1. Beautiful pieces and friendship. I love your post and pictures. I especially love how you display them when you're not wearing them.

    The sun catcher is gorgeous!

  2. Thank you so much Sherry - your post is beautiful. Love you lots my friend xxx

  3. What lovely jewelry! Natalie sure makes the best stuff! We are so lucky to have her in our circle of friends! You take some amazing pictures Sherry and I love your display!