My Secret Zombie Love Affair {and Brad Pitt ain't bad either}

Mindless Thursdays 

(This post still counts as DIY because I'm demonstrating a great way to store your yard tools, right?)

I am almost embarrassed to tell you, but I have a thing for Zombie movies.  It must have started when I was young and my dad watched all kinds of scary stuff.  As kids we would sneak into the hallway and crouch down where we had a view of the tv, but our parents couldn't see us.  Watching scary movies on the sly.  :)  As we got older it was a right of passage to be able to watch a scary movie without hiding your face.  I was always saying to new friends, "I like watching scary movies, do you?"

And if they really liked scary movies then we had an instant connection.

When I was in Junior High School one of my friends had a birthday sleep over and we watched Christine, Carrie, and Kujo among other scary movies all night.  At dawn the next morning we picked up the birthday girl in her sleeping bag and carried her out to the yard so she would wake up all disoriented and scared.  She woke up while we were carrying her and became a kicking, screaming beast inside of that sleeping bag, wondering what on earth we had planned for her!  I wonder what the next door neighbors thought!?

Some of my favorite Zombie shows have been 28 days later, I Am Legend, The Walking Dead Series, and more recently the quircky, laugh-on-the-inside, heart warming movie (can you say that about a zombie movie?), Warm Bodies.  And now, finally World War Z,  with Brad Pitt.

I remember seeing the previews for World War Z awhile back and looking over at my husband in the darkened theater, with my eyebrows raised for emphasis, and a glint in my eyes, saying  "MmmmHmmm, Honey, we are definitely going to see that movie!"

I fell in love with Brad Pitt way back when he played the handsome, young, dimpled cowboy named JD that Thelma stumbled into on Thelma and Louise.  He definitely left a lasting impression on Thelma (and on me).  

Brad as JD in Thelma and Louise.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching him in World War Z. It was a bona fide zombie movie with senseless zombies who had no traces of humanity left in them, bent only on feeding on the remaining humans.  That's what you want in a zombie movie, right?  But it also had a geo-political slant about how differing countries would react when faced with a world-wide pandemic.  Brad played a middle-aged father and husband, a retired UN hotshot, that was left with no choice but to leave his family and pursue a solution for stopping the uber-rapid zombie invasion before all humanity was lost.  

Good Creepy Stuff!!!

And if zombies invade my little town I know exactly which neighbor's yard I'm running to for preferred Zombie weapons!

I wonder if any of the other neighbors have a chain saw...

Happy Thursday Friends!
Take pride in your humanity ;)



  1. I got a good giggle out of your Zombie post. My son loves Zombie movies of all kinds and he has me hooked on The Walking Dead. We have an on going debate about what would be the best place to hide during a zombie invasion, my vote goes to a cruise ship.

    1. I think you may have something with that ship idea! I just discovered Walking Dead not very long ago and could not stop watching until I'd caught up with all the available episodes. We liked to joke about the decision making skills of some of those people trying to stay alive...

  2. Lovely, neat idea for the neighbor's tools--unless that is the view I have from my yard! I, too, am a zombie movie fan--can't wait to see WW Z.

  3. Hahaha - love this! I am not a scary movie fan but I like thrillers AND Brad Pitt is a complete hottie so I hope we can still be friends. :)

  4. Hilarious...the sleeping bag incident is one to share for sure. Those pitch forks do look scary over there Sherry! WTHeck? Daphne has a HUGE infatuation with horror flicks. I tried to get her Freddie Kruger at the library but the CD was broke-she was so upset. That reminds me...I better get over to the library for more!

  5. I love your blog