Wild Horses

“Wild horses I wanna be like you

Throwing caution to the wind

I’ll run free too

Wish I could recklessly love

Like I’m longing too

I wanna run with the wild horses

Run with the wild horses, oh”

Natasha Bedingfield Wild Horses Lyrics

Songwriters:  Wilkins, Wayne/Bedingfield, Natasha/Frampton, Andrew

Maybe you remember when Scott found that ugly old lamp to disassemble and use to make our tripod floor lamp?

You really need to see it if you haven’t already!  GO HERE.

Scott was determined that I needed to go back out to that old junk place and have a look for myself.  He said there were old paintings and frames and all kinds of miscellaneous things, just lying around getting wet and dirty.  It wasn't a tough decision since the new owners have put in a coffee shop out front.  They make the most delicious mochas.  And you all should know by now that I love my coffee and my chocolate...especially together. 

But back to the junk...

We finally went the other day.  I found five or six little things: 

Most of what I found was wooden. Itty bitty shelves and such. 

But this one,
It caught my eye immediately:

A wooden horse head,

A bookend without a mate, 

Just one single one, 

No matching pair, 

But that’s okay.

It was old, and weathered and slightly funky.  Exactly the type of thing I hoped to find that day.

I thought about leaving it like this, but decided it just wasn't exactly right for my space.

Equestrian art and décor seems to be making a prominent appearance in home decorating lately.  And why not?  It is so pretty, and American, and Country Chic.

I've seen plenty of examples in the big design catalogues lately.
Like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware to name a few.

I have always loved horses.  I dreamed of having my own when I was young.  As most girls do.  Don’t tell anybody, but when I was a young girl I used to load my pockets with apples and carrots and sneak out to a nearby field to visit the horses there.  If no one was around, I would lure one of the friendly horses over to me with the treats.  I would get them up against the fence and climb on.  They usually just walked around eating grass, not bothering to acknowledge me.  Sometimes they would take off and I would fall into the field and laugh uncontrollably.  It was exhilarating…and slightly naughty. 

Crazy, I know!

I decided to treat my new friend to a coat or two of high gloss, pure white spray paint. 



 I think he's magnificent:

Of course, you might think it was nice before I painted it.  Oh well, you'll have to go find your own!!!  LOL!


  1. I liked the hand carved wooden look, but I like the glossy white, too! I especially love the huge eyes! Horses have the most wonderful eyes!

  2. I agree! I think it is amazing. I love the detail on it. I also like that you painted it with a high gloss! It makes it look more modern! Awesome!

  3. Oh gosh, it doesn't even look like the same horse after you painted it. I really do like how it look. Thanks for sharing, I'm now your newest follower.

  4. What a score. With a coat of paint it's looking fabulous. My daughter would be all over it.

  5. That's amazing! Very Kelly Wearstler! Except much less expensive!

  6. What a great find! I love it! Thanks for linking up @ the Delectable Home.

  7. Love it! I just did a post today on a horse sign that I painted. Your newest follower.


  8. Came over from TDC! This is amazing! I'm so jealous! What a great find!

  9. I love this! I'm always amazed at what a little white paint can do. Great job!!!

  10. I love it! You have to come over and see the equine bookends I found and painted.

  11. I would of picked up that horse myself. My BFF is really into horses, has one herself, and teaches riding. I love it painted white, really brings her out, and those eyes are so big and beautiful. Don't horses have the most beautiful eyes. Can't wait to see what you do with your new finds. Thanks for sharing your creative inspirations at Sunday's Best!

  12. What a simple, but awesome change. I love it! (I used to sneak in with my Grandpa's ponies when I was a girl and do the same things, lol! I have my own horses now though and don't have to sneak anymore. Well, unless I want some quiet time away from the hubby and kids, lol!) Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love this...I'm jealous, I need a bookend and yours looks amazing!

  14. lookin' GOOD! And how I WISH my hubby would actually WANT me to go to a junk shop!!!! no fair. haha

  15. That horsehead is awesome. I have a pair of owls that I want to get painted up sooner rather than later. Uh huh (smile).

    Bernadette @www.b3hd.blogspot.com

  16. what a transformation! I would love you to add this and any other posts you want to show off to my What We Wore and Made party over at http://raegunwear.blogspot.com/search/label/WWWMW

  17. I love horses too. And like you I dreamt of having my very own horse one day when I was a girl. I still daydream about taking riding lessons. Thank you for sharing this beauty at Show & Tell.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  18. What a difference! It looks great!

  19. Great makeover! He's gorgeous.
    Following thru the blog hop! Hope you'll come by.

  20. That is awesome!!! Nothing like a good dumpster dive item that can be made into something awesome!

    I'm putting this on my FB page!

    Thanks for linking it up!
    @ Creatively Living

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  25. Love it!! Although, being a horse person myself, I'd say that's a mule due to the long, large ears. Or maybe a donkey as the heavy wood, carving and blunted style of mane looks Mexican to me. But, no matter - that's horsey enough! What an incredible find! And how great it looks in the high gloss white! Way to go!

  26. I looks like it's ceramic...great job! Just stopping by from the Linky Party Hop. I hope you will visit www.laughterandgrace.com and follow back.


  27. Greta idea and great find you lucky girl! Thanks for linking up to the party - would love to have you come visit and follow along s I begin my first linky party next Thursday!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  28. It is amazing how paint can transform things! Thanks so much for linking up to Kiss & Tell over at I Gotta Create!

  29. I really like how this turned out! It looks great in the clean white! Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share! I posted your link on my FB page today!

  30. I was in Norwich, UK for work this past week and was able to go antique shopping this morning. Aladdin's Cave (a local store) had a pair of gorgeous white horse head bookends in one of their stalls. I thought it was a funny coincidence to run into yours online tonight. I love the white! Yours looks equally fantastic to the ones I saw in store, with likely a much better price tag.

  31. What a great find and it looks awesome in white! Love it! :)


  32. I'm a follower from the Linky Follower Blog hop!

  33. You're right - so on trend and I think that white gloss was the PERFECT way to update it. I would have bought it too. :D
    Thanks for sharing on BeColorful

  34. AMAZING! This turned out FABULOUS! Saw a white gloss at an antique store yesterday for $139! Thanks for sharing at my party!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! XO, Aimee

  35. Love. it. So awesome in white! It's perfect! Thanks for linking up!

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  38. love it
    I think I would sand it some to look older