Dumpster Dive Dining Table Gets a New Home

We rescued this beauty from the dumpster at our apartment building. 
 It really wasn't much...

An inexpensive department store table probably passed on to a college student who didn't have much of anything.

It sat in my sister's garage for months.  Out of sight out of mind.  Then a month before Christmas I heard my daughter talking about how she wished they had a real dining room table in their apartment.  All they had was a tiny drop leaf table that wasn't meant for dining.  Wouldn't it be nice if they had a full sized dining table so they could have company over for dinner?

I quickly quizzed them on their preference in stain and paint colors and went to work...in the middle of our town-home living room.  

Well, the sanding I did in my sister's garage.  

We stained the top with a Minwax stain/poly combo product and painted the pedestal in a taupe/gray color. I added a final layer of Maison Blanche Organza Shimmer Coat to Jazz it up a bit.

The finished table..

They already had the two chairs.  

The shimmer coat really makes the pedestal stand out.

The chairs need their own makeover day.  But that's another story.

Who said you can't complete a big furniture makeover in an apartment?  But beware...you might get a little light headed from the fumes... :)

~Happy Project Day~
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