Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

Recently Heather from The Beating Hearth shared her favorite stuffed mushrooms and gave me mushroom fever.  Her recipe sounded scrumptious and was low-carb too! 

My favorite mushroom recipe would not be considered low carb at all...
But they are a special treat.
That's why I only make them a couple times a year...something to anticipate!

Mmmm...mushrooms!  I love the savory, earthy taste of them.  There are so many ways to enjoy mushrooms.  I like to add them to casseroles and pastas, saute them with butter or wine to top steak, burgers or chicken with, slice them into salads, or as a pizza topping.

My absolute favorite way to enjoy mushrooms is crab stuffed.  If you've never had them this way ~ you have got to try them!  They are so delicious.  I had my very first crab stuffed mushrooms at a party at my Brother-In-Law, Chris' house.  I popped one of his mushrooms into my mouth, not yet realizing that it had crab in it.  It tasted divine!  Of course, this was no surprise since Chris is an amazing cook.  We feel so spoiled when we go over there for a get-together.  Chris was very generous to share his recipe with me way back then.  Well, verbally anyway.  I'm pretty sure it went like this...stuff mushrooms with a mixture of crab, breadcrumbs, cream cheese, Parmesan and seasonings. 

How simple is that? 

Here's how I made mine:

I Took 25 - 30 small to medium sized white mushrooms and removed the stems.  I can never resist popping a few stems into my mouth at this point. 

I put the mushroom caps onto a baking tray.  I used mini pizza trays.  They're just so darn cute, and I was able to cook them and serve them on these trays as well.    

I gathered my stuffing ingredients: 

a pat of butter
1/4 cup parsley (fresh would be nice but I only had dried)
salt & pepper to taste
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 cup of crab meat, more or less
1/2 cup of cream cheese
1/2 cup of Parmesan & Romano mix
1/4 cup of bread crumbs

I diced the mushroom stems and sauteed them in a skillet with the butter.  Then I added them to a mixing bowl with all the other ingredients and mixed with a fork. 

I stuffed the mushroom caps to overflowing with this mixture and placed them on my baking trays.  This is a good time to pour yourself a glass of wine because they'll need to cook for about 20 - 25 minutes.  Well, that's what I did anyway.  ;)

They went into the oven and I sipped my wine.

They came out of the oven smelling rich, earthy and buttery. 

They tasted even better than they smelled.

These make great appetizers at dinner parties.  Perfect for this upcoming holiday entertaining season!  You can prepare them early then put them in the fridge until you are ready to cook them. 


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  1. Cheater. You didn't say yours had crab in them....I think I forfeit the competition...but not before I make myself several dozen of these.

  2. OMG - these look so so amazing - mouth watering....drooling....must have mushrooms.....

    Seriously - they look awesome - thank you for sharing - perfect for Summer with a salad!!!

  3. Heather is right, low blow with the crab!!! Hahaha!!! YUM!!! Pinning and plan on making these for my next gathering! Thanks for the great recipe share, Sherry!

  4. Ah Heather, the war is not won yet! You will always out do me on sewing and quilting. Anyone can throw a little crab meat on some mushrooms and call it good. Lol...Really, really extra good though!!!! ;)

  5. Sherry...Sam is seafood crazy, so I'm going to have to pin this to make for him! They look awesome and I love the idea of having a glass of wine while they cook! All recipes should say that!! (Okay, maybe not the breakfast ones!)

  6. These look delicious! I don't eat mushrooms nearly as often as I'd like. Hubby hates them. He's just not right. :-)

    Thanks for sharing on the All Star Block Party!!

  7. OMG...yummo! What time is dinner! ;)

    Thanks for linking up to our thanksgiving treat party. I'm following along on GFC so I don't miss a single one of your amazing recipes! Have a wonderful weekend


  8. Yum-oh! These 'shrooms look so tempting! What's even more amazing is that they're figure-friendly and don't take a pro to make. Thanks to you guys for whipping up this recipe. :)

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  10. Wow. Wine and mushroom at the same time? That’s a healthy combination! :) The antioxidant content of red wine, called polyphenol, is believed to help in protecting the linings of the heart. On the other hand, medicinal mushrooms help boost the immune system.

    Mack Shepperson

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