Happiness Agenda ~ Where do you rank?

Pondered Primed Perfected is embarking on a journey. It's been titled The Happiness Agenda.
This journey will examine what factors may help each of us as individuals flourish and feel content. 

(I'm not a Psychologist, Doctor, Scientist, or Scholar.  I'm just curious, aren't you?) 

Wanna see what I've been up to?

I have been taking some interesting Happiness Tests at *Positive Psychology's website **Authentic Happiness
Go register and take the tests that interest you!  Just click the Authentic Happiness link above to get started.  

I would love for you to share your results or ideas in the comments section at the bottom of this post if you feel comfortable doing so.

And some recent images from my life....

A friend once told me that I could post about anything, even if it was just about my grass growing, and she would be happy.  Well, I don't think she meant it literally, but it certainly made me feel good to hear it! 

*Have positive people in your life, they certainly up the "happiness factor".
Our dog, Sadie, has enriched our lives in more ways than we can count.  She's sunbathing here.  She looks so sweet and innocent.  You'd never guess she dumped me on my face recently at football practice, would you!?  It definitely brought a laugh!  OMG, I love her.

*Having a pet can enrich daily life and diminish feelings of loneliness.
Watching my children go all out and succeed at something is definitely one of my biggest happiness triggers, and it's just as rewarding for them to work hard at something and succeed.

*Do something you're good at and enjoy; that is a reliable happiness inducer.
Our son being congratulated *briskly* by his teammates for running a touchdown! 

*Be part of something that serves a purpose higher than your individual needs and desires.  Kind of like team sports...do it for the team!  If you aren't athletic you could volunteer for a cause that you find important. 
So many ways to go here, if you think about it. 

  I'm using these mini pumpkins as fall decor.  Their color alone brings a smile to my face, they are adorable.  Eventually the little kids will decorate them and take them home with a smile on their faces!  (The pumpkins AND the kids! lol)

*Surround yourself with things that make you happy.

I like to bring some Nature inside for decorating.  Isn't this fall foliage pretty in my little green creamer?

*Enjoy Nature.  It's free!  And it comes loaded with fresh air, inspiring colors and natural wonders.
Two things:  A sweet gesture from a friend, and a sweet magazine to get lost in.

*Appreciate the "little things" in life.
Vitamin C...I changed the chalkboard tag on this canister when I added our Immunity C for cold and flu season.  These little chalkboard tags I made make me smile.  :)

*Take care of yourself.

I may feel some trepidation that Summer has ended but that won't stop me from appreciating the magic that is Autumn.  Nature is amazing!  This is the tree in my yard!

*Enjoy the now.  Appreciate the moment. 

*Nature is AMAZING!

Spend time appreciating the wonders of nature...with people that make you feel happy. 

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  1. Oh...my...goodness! You may have missed your calling girl! This was such an uplifting post. I love it! I'm going to visit "Authentic Happiness" with my coffee Wednesday morning and see what it's all about and what it can teach me about myself. Thank you for sharing this and can I just say, your pictures are awesome!!

  2. Thanks Danni! And enjoy the testing ;) I'm enjoying learning about all the theories and studies that have been done. AND...I love photography!

  3. Such a pretty post. I love the chalkboards for your coffee and filters and vit c.

  4. I loved this post - everything about it. I love your son's teammates congratulating him, I LOVE the tree looking up to the sky - what an amazing photo! And I love looking for happiness in little things. You are truly inspiring Sherry xxxx

  5. I am leaving your blog, yet again, with a smile on my face. I think happiness is contagious. I love what your friend said about grass....very true. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I hope you have a happy filled day, Sherry!