Hallelujah (The Happiness Agenda)

I've been searching for the secrets to happiness. 

Aren't we all?

It's an intriguing subject.  We could all go on for hours listing things that make us feel happy.  And the list would be a little different for each of us.  But most of us have learned that things don't provide a true and lasting happiness.  You can collect beautiful things, eat delicious foods, hang with cool people, take fancy vacations and still not feel content.

Doesn't it seem sometimes like Happiness is a secret place we strive to reach?  We've studied the map.  We're sure we know how to get to our destination, but...
No matter how hard we try, we keep getting waylaid, or hitting road blocks.
Just when we think everything is going good ~ something happens to suck the joy right out of our day.
If only there was a secret technique to eliminating sadness, fear and anxiety.

A way to live a life free of pain, heartache and troubles.

I haven't found one. . .

But I do believe the secret to feeling genuine happiness is not living a life free of these struggles.  That happiness remains in spite of our troubles.  We can't expect to live a perfect life.  I mean, COME ON.  Let's just be real.  There will be tough days, and sick days, flat tires and dead batteries, arguments with spouses and children, disappointments at every turn. 

I don't have a perfect life, a house filled with expensive things, a perfect job or family...  And that's okay.  (I'll keep trying!)  But I do have countless moments of joy...even amidst the chaos.

So, when things feel especially hard and I'm finding it difficult to smile, I just remind myself that when I'm overwhelmed, and tired and weary...He carries me...and I think...



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  1. This is beautiful Sherry, I agree. I think happiness is knowing all the bad stuff is going to come and that's okay because it makes us strong and appreciate when things are good.

    Mel xo

  2. Amen! Im on a lifelong quest for Joy myself.

  3. How beautiful Sherry! What a great reminder for everyone!

  4. What a beautiful post. I'm so glad that I'm following you, this is exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank you!


  5. Amen Sister! You wise woman! Thank you so much for posting this.

  6. This is perfect for me right now Sherry. My life is feeling particularly hectic at the moment...I just need to enjoy the happiness wherever I find it.

  7. I so agree I live with pain everyday but I think I am still a happy person. I think its all too easy to give into stuff when we should just make the best of day to day life.
    hi im a new follower from the blog hop and hope you can come visit me soon

  8. Thanks for sharing, life gets hard but we need to keep our head up and smile. :)
    Wishing you a wonderful day.