Egg Salad Sandwich lightened up :)

It's nice to change up the routine and add some variety to our meals.
Plus I had some hard boiled eggs left over from Easter :)
How about some egg salad on wheat for lunch?

Two hard boiled eggs (leftover from Easter 156 cal)
Tablespoon light mayo (45 cal)
tsp yellow mustard
dash of Mrs. Dash seasoning ~ hehe!
Franz 9 grain thin Sandwich round (90 cal)
Spring Mix
Mini Sweet Peppers and Pepperoncini as garnish 

Tasty and satisfying.


Light on the calories.

Nice change of pace from a green salad.

Perfect for a healthy lunch.

Devoured.  :)

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  1. I love eggs. It's high in protein and the cheapest source of protein. I always make this for breakfast. But I'd like to try your version. :) Glad you posted.