Class is now in Session ~ Mrs. Hines' Class

Well Hello Friends!   

Blogging has been such a blessing in my life.  At a time when I was feeling like there was really something missing in my life, I stumbled upon blogging.  It awakened the creative side of me that had been dormant for way too long.  That in itself was a huge boost to me...but that's not the only benefit of blogging.  It has opened up an entire world of amazing people that I otherwise would never have had a chance to meet.  The blog world is full of talented, smart, creative, funny, inspirational, and driven women who choose to share their stories and inspiration through blogging.  I am continuously surprised and amazed by the talent and skill of my fellow bloggers.  And it's not just talent and skill that is found in blogland.  The amount of love, friendship, encouragement and support offered by fellow bloggers is heart-warming!  Some of my favorite people are fellow bloggers that I have never met in person, yet we've developed strong friendships.  

Today I thought I would share with you just one of the Amazing Bloggers I have had the pleasure to "meet" through this awesome blog world:

Sharon of Mrs. Hines' Class!

Sharon says,

"Welcome to Mrs. Hines’ Class, a virtual classroom where I share the creative process behind turning my house into a home. I enjoy sharing recipes. I love sharing home decorating ideas that prove a beautiful home doesn’t have to be expensive. And, it’s so rewarding to acquire a new set of skills after completing a DIY project, and then sharing what I’ve learned with you. But my real motivation for all of this, is my love of family. I hope after spending time in Mrs. Hines Class, that you will be encouraged that above all else, love makes a home. So, please join me for the lessons that await in Mrs. Hines’ Class."

When I first "discovered" Sharon and her blog back in my early days we were running into each other at many of the same link parties.  Link parties are a great place for beginning bloggers to share their work and meet others.  Sharon would come by and leave some sweet comments on my posts and I ALWAYS read her blog name as Mrs. SHINES' Class.  The funny thing is I still picture Sharon like that!  She just seems to radiate light and warmth in all that she does and shares, so "Mrs. Shine" just seems so fitting! 

Here are some samples of the types of lessons you will find at Mrs. Hines' Class

Vinegar as a Household Cleaner

Sharon shares so many great cleaning and organizing tips on her blog.  I'm always up for some good "get your house in tip-top shape" advice.  Yes, she shares tips on making your home shine!

Don't stop on the inside.  We want our outdoor spaces to be attractive and inviting too! Sharon has some terrific tips on Garden Design and Landscaping as well.

As busy as we all are we can really use some simple recipes and meal ideas....you'll find those "lesson plans" in the classroom.

Bed & Breakfast Room
I've noticed that Sharon is really laid back and not afraid to step outside of the box every now and then.  You can see this in the choices she makes in her home decorating.  One of my favorite spots in her home is this little bed & breakfast area.  Yes, I did say bed & breakfast!  She put a day bed in the dining area and I swear it was brilliant! 

What a great spot to chill with a cold beverage and a good book.

DIY Painting Tips
Sharon has been DIYing her home to create a warm, welcoming environment for her family and all who visit.    She shares her tips learned through personal experiences.  It's nice to get advice from someone who has already done a project before...it saves us so much trouble trying to figure out the best way to accomplish our projects.

Memorable Moments
And what I love most about Sharon is how she infuses her blog and posts with her sweet personality and love of life.  She encourages us to look at life with a positive attitude and enjoy the little things more, like good times with family and creating lasting memories.

See You In Class!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you will head over to discover what other treats Sharon has for you in her virtual classroom.  

Have a great weekend!



  1. I love that you featured Sharon today! She is a ray of Sunshine and you described her and her wonderful blog beautifully!!

  2. Love Sharon - she's got such fabulous ideas - and now I want my own B&B in my dining room!

  3. She's so fun! I just love her style. And a daybed in the dining room? Yes, please!!

  4. What a sweet post - I love Sharon and her blog too! And now I gotta go read more about this "Bed & Breakfast" nook!! Thanks for sharing, Sherry!! xoxo

  5. Such a great post! It's always to wonderful to "see" someone through another's eyes, because they look even more special! :) Thanks, Sherry and Sharon!

  6. Love me some Sharon! I want some Spanish rice please! :)

  7. There's always a fantastic post on Sharon's blog...thanks for sharing!

  8. What a great tribute to a fantastic lady! I love the daybed idea, wish I had enough room for that!