Windows, Doors & Drawers ~ Repurposing Household Items

I have an addiction.  I can't seem to get enough and it's already affecting my everyday life.  I don't know what will happen if I don't get my fix.  Yes, it's true.  If you aren't careful you may become addicted too!

The truth is I'm addicted to repurposing, recreating and reusing discarded furniture and household items.  It's a good thing there's no shortage of cast-off items to keep me at it indefinitely.  And for that quick shot of inspiration I like to visit Hometalk to see what other's have been up to.

Some of the items that are so often discarded can be easily repurposed into amazing home furnishings and decor.  The possibilities are endless!  So I thought I would share just a few ideas I found on Hometalk just to get your creative juices flowing.  I have an entire board devoted to the repurposing of Windows, Doors and Drawers and I'll continue adding new ideas each time I find them.

Find all of the above projects and many more in detail on my Hometalk Board 'Windows Doors and Drawers'

Next time you see that stray window, door or drawer on it's way to a landfill you may just want to grab it and see what you can make of it.

Wonderful windows re-purposed:

Design Dreams by Anne created this adorable little greenhouse with some old windows.

This amazing old window headboard was shared by Liz Marie Blog.

Wildflower Creative has a thing for vintage windows and I have a thing for how cute this photo display window turned out!

We've had fun with old windows here at Pondered Primed Perfected too, like these Porch Signs we created.

Delightful door DIY's:

The Pink Hammer Blog fashioned this fabulous desk from a door.

Tammy of Deja Vue Designs didn't let this roadside find pass her by.  
Instead she created a one of a kind hall tree just by adding a few key details.

How about this Privacy Screen put together by Not Just a Housewife?  
I totally need one of these on my back deck!

Now for some drawer redesign:

Proud Pooch Mama, Roeshel of DIY Showoff, is the creative force behind this drawer doggy bed!

Brightnest showed us a fun way to reuse those little cabinet drawers as planters.  Oh so cute!

And let's not forget the cabinet doors themselves:

Beth used this cabinet door as a canvas.  It looks so sweet!

Jaime of Crafty Scrappy Happy created some stylish storage with these little cabinet doors, some hooks and some knobs .

For even more Window Door & Drawer ideas visit my board at Hometalk

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  1. Enjoyed the roundup of ideas. Its amazing the different ways one can reuse an item and give it new life.

  2. Those are so fun! I love the little drawer planters! Thanks for sharing, Sherry! <3

  3. I love all of these great ideas, Sherry! Thanks for sharing the wonderful inspiration and have a happy week!

  4. Some very talented and creative folks. I'm amazed at the vision that y'all have for repurposing..being able to see something in a new way.

  5. OMGosh what an amazing round-up Sherry!! So many wonderful ideas! I love that you brought them all together here.

  6. Hi Sherry! It's funny because our apartment complex is doing some renovating so there was a stack of old cabinets and drawers by the dumpster a couple weeks ago. I called to see if it was okay if I take some things to upcycle and re-use. Most of the stuff was pretty heavy but I was able to grab a bunch of knobs and some drawers and when my fiance got home he was like "Ummm... what are we going to do with all of these drawers?!" Hahaha. He must have asked me like 3 times that night but I kept promising that I had ideas {and have started on some} and now I can show him your roundup too. Thanks for sharing!