The Love of a Dog. Happy 7th Birthday Sadie!!!

Today was Sadie's birthday!  She turned 7 years old..  Seven years that she's been a part of our family.  That means Alex was just three and a half when she came to live with us.

I did this painting of Sadie and Alex from a photo I took of them when they were just wee little ones together.  I posted about the painting HERE.  (I still need to do some finishing touches...sheesh, maybe I should finish it.)

She was six weeks old when we got her. I remember I could carry her in the palm of my hand...she was that tiny.  We're convinced she thinks she's human too.  You should see how jealous she gets when we all cuddle together on the sofa as a family without inviting her up.  How dare us???  She sure knows how to make us feel bad about leaving her out of the group!

And I almost forgot her birthday today.  I was so caught up in worrying about her....

Two days ago we noticed a hard little lump on her throat, underneath her collar.  It is definitely new because we like to move her collar and scratch her neck right there.  That's her favorite scratch spot.  :)  So Wednesday when Alex was scratching her favorite spot he first noticed the lump.  It was maybe the size of a gumball.  I figured I would watch it and see what happened over the next day or two.  

When I checked her neck Thursday the lump had grown quite a bit.  It was more the size of a walnut and had spread horizontally a bit.  And the bottom of her neck under her jawline seems swollen and stiff as well.  I thought maybe she got stung by a hornet since she likes to chase them and try to catch them in her mouth.

She has been chomping on hornets and bees for years.  She gets a bit obsessed with catching them.  She's been stung inside her mouth a couple of times before and the side of her face has swollen up pretty big, making her all lopsided and funny looking.   You would think she'd give up on the hornet chasing after getting stung once or twice, right!?  Nope.  Not Sadie.

She's really been the best friend our boy could ask for.  Here she is incognito with Alexander.

And I've learned that she likes to model in my blog photos.  Matter of fact it's a challenge taking a room picture without Sadie in it.  So I just let her have her day in the limelight.  Maybe she'll be famous someday, right?

Plus she's inspired some great blog projects like this silhouette dog bag.

Going to the park with the kiddos is one of her favorite activities.  Just don't tie her to a picnic table though!  She gets a bit boisterous if you tie her up.  Free spirited pooch that she is.

Here she is modeling her pink winter jacket.  Everyone kept calling her "HE" so I thought I'd give her something really girly to make a point.  Plus she gets cold so easily with that short fur of hers.  Boxers are definitely indoor dogs.  

Although she does enjoy a good snow day!

Here she is tearing it up in the snow.  She ran and ripped through the snow for a good 15 minutes or more this day.  It was hilarious!

This picture was taken on a late night snow excursion.  We were too afraid the snow would melt by morning so we snuck out to play in the dark.

She also loves play dates with her bestie.  She loves hanging with friends! 

And believe me, Sadie is friends with EVERYBODY!  And everybody LOVES Sadie.  She is quite a social butterfly.  (I just noticed how grey her face has gotten this last year or two...not much black left).

She can nap in the sunshine with the best of us.  

She's been here for so many of our fun life events...like trick or treating with Alex, The Mad Scientist...

And napping with all the babies that have grown up in this house.   She just cannot resist a baby laying on a blanket....EVER!  

As a matter of fact, I think kids are her favorite people.  She is the most gentle, loving dog we could have asked for.  

She even won Scott over.  He never really wanted a dog.  He just went along with it to keep the rest of the family happy...wonderful man that he is!  But he certainly fell in love with her just like the rest of us.  

Here she is looking to catch a Bullfrog.  It was her mission on this little walk around the pond....luckily they were too fast for her.  And she doesn't like to swim much.  ;)

Today is Sadie's Birthday and I wanted to honor her and all of the joy she has brought to our family.  I still remember those first years.  Years when she thought her name was "DOWN" instead of "Sadie".  And the numerous times we chased her through the neighborhood calling and begging her to come to us.  She just wanted to run free and visit each and every neighbor.  DAILY.  We survived those early years.  I'm still not sure how. I remember when people would tell us how adorable she was we would respond with "You want her?"  And back in those early days it may have been tempting to give her away.  The spunky, mischievous little puppy she was! Thank God we made it through and have enjoyed so many unbelievably rewarding years with our beloved pooch.

Here she is lounging in what became known as "Sadie's Chair".  Sadie just loved to sit in it right next to the front window ~ where she could keep an eye on the yard and driveway and all of the comings and goings!

This morning she did not come downstairs to eat her breakfast.  That never happens.  When I went up to find her I noticed her neck had swollen up huge overnight and she was barely able to move.  She appears very stiff in her joints.  Sometimes she holds her front paw up off the ground and she seems reluctant to sit or lay down again once she stands up.  It's clear she is feeling awful.

I pray she feels better soon.  She has an appointment with the Veterinarian at 1:30.  I hope that it's nothing serious and they can help her feel better quickly.  I hate seeing her feel this way.  

We love you so much, Sadie!


Sadie made it in to the Veterinarian's.  The Hope Animal Hospital was so sweet and caring.  They let me rush her in right away because her swelling was increasing so rapidly and I was so anxious about her condition.  They gave her an antihistamine shot and a steroid shot. They felt she was having an anaphylactic reaction to a sting or bite.  Her swelling is going down and she's not nearly as stiff.  Already she seems better and we have more antihistamine medicine to give her.  Let's just hope she stays away from the hornets, wasps and bees from now on.  


  1. Happy Birthday, Sadie, from me & The "Checkerboard Aussies". Happy to hear you are on the mend.

  2. What a sweet, pretty girl! I remember seeing Sadie in some if your project pictures. I'm so glad she's doing better. We have a boxer named Abby who's birthday is later this month; she'll be turning 6. :) Interestingly... I also have a son named Alexander (we call him Xander), and my husband's name is Scott.

  3. Oh what a sweet, touching tribute to your family best friend. I so hope she fully recovers. It sounds like am insect sting might be the problem.
    I'm an animal lover too, and so is everyone in our family. Our kids, too, have grown up with pets and quite frankly, that's why I think they are all so kind and compassionate toward people and animals!
    Hugs to Sadie! She is beautiful!

  4. Oh thank goodness Sadie is ok. She is beautiful, I love her, and so does Lucy!~ thanks for sharing her today.