Craft Room Chaos

There is no garage space (it's been converted) or shop space here at Pondered Primed Perfected.  That might explain why my craft room looks like this right now:

Even the "Little Guy" loves to help paint!

The Boys are painting over that awful, bright blue color on those under-the-bed drawers.  We got them for free off of Craigslist, along with a whole pickup truck load of wonderful stuff.  So we won't run out of projects to makeover or upcycle any time soon.

The drawers will go up into the "Little Guy's" room once they are all done.  His bed sits on one of those metal mattress frames with wheels right now.   Not very fancy.  And there isn't much space for dressers or other storage type furniture in his room.  These cabinets will really help with his storage issues once they are done.

These two guys work so well together.  It warms my heart to see them bonding in this way and the little guy is learning so much from his Dad.  Okay, I'm gonna stop before I get all weepy.  Doesn't take much, really.

First coat of black is on and already they look so much better!

AND, while we had the black paint out I thought I would try out that homemade chalk paint recipe.  I'll fill you in on how it works out later...once it's had a chance to dry and I've had a chance to test it's worthiness.  Do you see what my boy does when I ask him to be careful not to get his food on my projects!?  Isn't he darling?  Little comedian is lucky he's so cute...

So many projects to finish!!!  We need a heated shop so I can have my craft room back.

Hope your weekend is filled with all that you enjoy!

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