$25 Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

Who knew?

We purged,
We donated,
We evicted,
We cleaned,
We painted,
We flooded,
We sawed, hammered, nailed and screwed,
We stained,
We sewed and stapled,
We arranged.
But most importantly~
We beautified.

And the final result may not be worthy of a magazine...but...

Oh the joy it brings!

So much came out, but we were very careful of what we put back in. 

We wanted this space to be:

and Cheerful.  (I think we succeeded.)

and Clean.   (Just look at all of that fresh, clean, organized goodness!)

and Bright.  (No more stacked washer and dryer blocking the window or ceiling light.)

and Beachy.  (Like sipping lemonade while lazing in the sun on the beach.  Imagine!!)

and Pretty.  (Those curtains hide tons of storage space.)

and Flirty.  (Just wait until you see the light fixture we made from an Easter basket!) 

And here comes the overload of photos
(mostly because I just adore this "new" space!)

A glimpse of the new light fixture, made out of an Easter basket with the handle removed and a hole drilled into the bottom!

We wanted a wire basket but didn't have one that was just right...this turned out pretty darn cute anyway!

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 I made some curtains out of some remnant fabric.  I love the pattern with the little tiny bit of teal and the pale yellow ribbons.

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So simple and easy to make.  I cut and hemmed the fabric about an inch wider than the window.  Then I stapled the fabric to a trim board that was just slightly narrower than the fabric and I pneumatically nailed the trim board to the wall above the window.  This window covering is just for appearances, it doesn't need to be closed.

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 We built a "counter top" over the washer and dryer.  Scott planed some old fence boards so it would be smooth and I rubbed it with some fairly dark stain.  We can't have everything in here white.  We just love our old wood.

My little ceramic fish is just perfect for holding my bleach pen.

My new thrifty friend, the pig...for loose change.  ;)
Some dryer sheets and the teal globe that Scott just wouldn't let me get rid of. 
It looks perfect right here! 

The lower shelving is a free cabinet that came from Craigslist. 
I tell you, my hubby is OBSESSED with free things!
Okay, I admit, it's hard to turn down a really good freebie.  :)
We are being thrifty!
Scott removed the doors and the horrid laminate that was on it and then primed and painted. 
I added a silver curtain rod and made some curtain panels to hide our cleaners and other miscellaneous stuff.
I think this fabric is kind of beachy, don't you?

Then came the upper wall shelves for some extra storage and display. 
These were old cabinet doors that Scott cut down to size and I put up with the wooden brackets that used to be in our son's room. 

Don't look too closely...those shelves still need another coat of paint...

The perfect spot for my .59 cent baskets found at a discount retailer. 
The clerk was certain it was a pricing mistake but finally gave in and let me take them home with me. 
I'm pretty convinced she wanted them for herself.  Bummer

And now for the accessories!!!

An uplifting quote.

 I put some of the leftover fabric from the curtain onto this cork board and framed it in with some turquoise ribbon.

Some "artwork" created from printouts that I put into frames...I love these.

Another inspiring free printable...you can find this one HERE  at http://houseandhone.blogspot.com/2012/01/this-year-i-will-printable.html.  There were other color options too.

Check out all the other fun stuff Miss Emily Hone has to offer while you're there!  This one is also in a thrift store frame.

 I filled my soup/salad server with faux lemons for a pop of color.  :)

The top shelf holds some of my favorite white ceramics. 
All of the ceramic fish dishes are thrift store finds from over the years. 
I finally found a place to display them!!!

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It's hard to get a photo of everything in this little room ~ this is as close as I came. 

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Paint ~ freebie leftover from a previous project
Lower shelving unit ~ Craigslist freebie modified
Upper wall shelves ~ salvage freebie modified
Wall Brackets ~ already owned
Curtains on window and shelf ~ remnant fabric and ribbon from Joann's ~ $16 total
Counter over washer and dryer ~ salvaged wood ~ free
White baskets $1.18 ~ Wheeler Dealer in Woodburn, OR
White frames $2.97 ~ thrifted ~ GW
Silver galvanized bucket ~ Target dollar bins
Fish dishes ~ already owned ~ previous thrift store purchase
Printable ~ free
Laundry basket ~ freebie
PB Clock ~ already owned ~ previous thrift store purchase
Easter Basket ~ $3.99
All other miscellaneous items we already had on hand
Total Current Expense = Less than $25

And, of course, my reminder of just how BAD it was before and how much we had shoved into the space:

The Before:


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We don't have to talk about the garage now, do we???

Previous posts on this project can be found here:

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  1. How awesome, and cheery! you must smile from ear to ear now doing laundry! I will be working on mine soon too.

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    Amazing work you two! Great job!!!!!

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  52. Love it! If you have a laundry-room-warming party, can I come? Our LR is really tiny.. it shares the space with our furnace & hot water heater. But I am still in the planning stages (in my head) of what I am going to come up with.

  53. Your Laundry Room looks great!!! I think we have the same Washer and Dryer (GE) , and I have a question for you. I see that you (or your husband) put a wooden counter over the washer and dryer. Love that idea!! My question is, does your washer ever move around and bump the sides?? I would love to have a wooden counter like yours but I am concerned that my washer won't stay in place. Have you had any problems?? Thanks for your time!!

    1. Hi Vickie! Thanks for stopping at our blog! I love that washer and dryer. Occasionally it gets a load unbalanced and does a little bit of banging. Generally it stays in it's place though. Scott says it should have a half inch of "movement" in it...but beyond that and it's probably off balance. Maybe the feet need to be adjusted or something? The "counter" we built over it was actually built with a bit of a clearance. It's supported with brackets attached to the wall. I made sure Scott knew that if there was any kind of issue or problem with the machines or the plumbing we would need to be able to move them out quickly with little trouble. He was very good about making that part of the plan. I have a post that shows the structure of the "counter" being built. Scott did this base structure and I added the smoothed fence boards on with a nail gun. If you haven't seen that earlier post it is here: http://ponderedprimedperfected.blogspot.com/2012/01/gray-cloudy-and-wet-thats-forecast-in.html I think the picture in this post shows that there are several inches of clearance above the washer and dryer. I've just put a board on the front to disguise this.

      I hope this helps! I absolutely love having the counter. We thought we would like them stacked but it was a disaster...they blocked all the light both from the window and the light fixture. And there wasn't any surface to set anything or fold. This is sooooo much better.


  54. Great job on your laundry room makeover!