Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge

When I sat down at my computer this morning I had a nice message from Karah @ The Space Between Blog.  She was inviting me to take part in the "Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge" that several Bloggers have started.  I was reluctant when I read the note asking me to take part in this challenge.   My mind immediately went to all of the things that I would like to do ~ but just cannot afford. 

But that's not what this is about, right? 

It's about challenging ourselves to give it a go, even if we are afraid; and hopefully accomplishing something that we always thought was unattainable.  Maybe it requires a skill we do not possess.  Maybe it requires time we do not feel we have.  Maybe it requires thinking outside of the box and being more creative with how we make it happen;  as in, not taking the usual route (or the route where you just go down and buy a solution at the hardware store).

So, when I thought about it this way ~ it became something appealing. 

You know...a CHALLENGE!

All I need to do is convince my Partner In Crime that this is necessary.  See, we may not have the money or the time ~ but what we do have is the inspiration, the passion and the sheer stubbornness to make the impossible happen

With that said we are committing to give our utmost to:

The Great Purge and Organization of 2012...Clarke Edition

This will include:

  1. The garage storage space.
  2. The dual laundry room and "pantry" (pantry is used lightly here ~ as it's just a big, inexpensive Home Depot cabinet pushed into the room to store our food and extra kitchen items.)
  3. The closet under the stairs.  We have already started with some added shelving in this area.

I was avoiding putting this out there, as a goal or resolution, because it just seems so unbelievably daunting when I stand and look at all the collected "mess" and what we have to do.  We need to purge years of possessions.  Some will be hard to let go.  Gulp.  And we need to devise a new and more organized way of storing what we cannot purge...giving everything it's own designated place so that it is easy to maintain and also attractive. 

Before pictures to follow.  You totally will understand why this feels impossible when you see them!

Wish Us Luck!

And don't forget to check out the ladies who are hosting this challenge:

  • Kari – Thistlewood Farm. Cooking is not her thing, but homemade bread is her challenge.
  • Kelly – Eclectically Vintage. For all of you with basements that become black holes filled who knows what, she is going to be purging and organizing 16 years stuff. 

  • Stacey – A Sort of Fairy Tale. For someone who has hovered at the pillow case stage of sewing she will be attempting to sew a purse. 

  • Khara from The Space Between - Hang a gallery wall while putting only one hole in the wall (she's a renter and can't mutilate her walls)
Thanks for stopping by, and please think about taking part in this challenge with me and all of the others involved!  It will be fun if we do it together!!!



    1. Whoa Nellie! You are really hitting close to home! Every blog I visit seems to be starting off the New Year in the same way but REALLY invested in it not just wishing and hoping. This makes me feel SO good and not so overwhelmed with my "issues" and goals. I'll see if I'm up to joining the challenge physically but I'll put mine out there for you right now. I want to sell my house and move back to my home town but to sell it I need to do some major organizing, de-cluttering, getting rid of, paring down and cleaning and painting. It needed it when I moved in but then I got sick and it took me several years to get back on my feet. I am now but tire easily so I get overwhelmed with it all. But these blogs are so great to re-motivate me each day when I get up. I am SO appreciative for yours and so many others! You don't know how much it means to me. I don't feel so alone in my "projects" now! Thanks again! Keep up the great work!

    2. You hit a note with me convincing the other half. I am the glass half full he is the glass half empty. We some how balance one another out.

    3. I'm really looking forward to joining your challenge. : ).. I have a few ideas on it that are brewing. I definitely love your site and look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us. I have another Liebster award for ya! Stop on by to pick it up if you would like.

    4. Oh My Goodness! I am so thrilled you are taking on the challenge, and actually doing something you were not going to otherwise do. I know you can do it, it might be a lot of work, but there are great (potentially low cost) projects that you will love to look back and say you accomplished. Thank you so much for sharing our button and joining our challenge!

    5. Sounds like we are in similar organization challenges! Thanks so much for posting our challenge and joining in! Can't wait to see - now back to my dark, dreary basement - Jan 31 is almost here! Following along too.

    6. WOW what an awesome challenge!!! I wish you and yours the BEST of luck In your incredible endeavor!!! Sending tons of support and hugs! so glad you joined us! i am kind of up to my eye balls in STUFF TOO!!!! LOL!!!! enjoy! have fun!!!

    7. The purge idea is so daunting at first ... oh but the sweet feeling of success afterwards is so worth it! I've been slowing redoing my home room by room but my #1 step has been PURGE! so happy you are joining us on our challenge!


    8. That is an incredible challenge! You can do it! If you get a little overwhelmed....just e-mail any of your "blogging support group"....us! Thanks for the shout out and good luck!

    9. You have a really great challenge set up. There are so many things I want to tackle...and we're halfway through the month.

      At home, I'm going to sew something with my sewing machine AND get my inspiration books organized AND post my first couple of pieces on etsy. Three challenges (and some books to read). I'm going to make it happen.

      Maybe. (smile)