Our Christmas Home Tour 2012

 Welcome to our Christmas Home

Our Hot Chocolate Station

Doesn't every home need a hot chocolate station for the holidays?

Shabby wooden tree

"Wise Men Still Seek Him" 

Mini Bar
Handmade burlap and ticking stockings

Advent Calendar

Sparkly wreath with blue Wedgewood snowflake

Some sparkle and shine

Snowflakes hanging from the chandelier 

You really should go check out the Christmas project over at the cafe today...it's too cute to miss ;)

Merry Christmas!


  1. I love it! The stockings are adorable! I really want to make some for next year. I also love the tree in your kitchen window, perfect!

  2. Gorgeous Sherry. I love what you have done with the arch way, I have always wanted to do that here. Once the last two little ones came I thought I would wait until they're out of the pulling everything down stage :)

  3. I'm with Mel! That archway is glorious! I love the stockings too! And the hot chocolate station and the shabby tree! I love it all!!

  4. Everything looks so simple, yet beautiful. I love the idea of a hot chocolate station. You are right, every home needs one! lol I think I will set one up for my family also. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Oh, your home is lovely!! Happy Holidays :)

  6. Beautiful Sherry... I love LOVE that wooden tree in the kitchen!

  7. Your house looks great! So festive! :) And YES, I do happen to think every house needs a hot chocolate station. Brilliant!