From Old to New to Old Again

What a busy weekend. 

I spent hours putting a second and third coat of paint on the dining chairs and table.  Sunday morning I could barely get out of bed, I was so sore from all of that stooping, squatting and bending down.  So everything (except the table top) got a couple coats of fresh white paint and they look stunning!  I decided to add another coat of paint to the doors of my craft cabinets while I had the paint supplies out.  Check out my poor floors!  They are really taking a beating with all of this indoor DIY activity.  (Don't tell the hubby but I'm secretly hoping to paint or in some way refinish those floors someday.)  The floors were recycled from a family members remodel that my husband helped with, by the way.  I don't have NEW wood floors in the budget, but I have to tell you ~ I have a strong dislike for wall-to-wall carpet, especially of the off-white or light beige family.  What can I say?  I run a preschool in my home during daylight hours and children are tough on carpetingWho knew???  

Okay, back to the table...

Here she is after several coats of white paint have been applied
 And here is a look at the set with the chair cushions on.  Isn't she pretty?  (And My Honey got the doors put back on the craft cabinets while I was out shopping for glaze...HE'S SO AWESOME!)

And a close up of the detail on the table:

Check out that walnut tabletop.  That makes my Handyman happy!

White is nice but I wanted to give the table some real character and also find a way to tie the white of the table legs and the chairs to the gorgeous color of that walnut tabletop.  So, I have ventured out into that dangerous unknown territory of glazing.  I watched a tutorial that I found online and I was ready to go.  The glazing process is pretty simple.  You just mix a cup of glaze with two tablespoons of acrylic or watercolor paint and stir.  You apply the glaze to your painted surface and then wipe off the excess, leaving the glaze inside the cracks and crevices to bring out those details.  Pretty simple!  I still have half the table and five chairs to finish glazing but hopefully I can conquer some each evening this week.  I am extremely pleased with how this dining set is shaping up.  My man even said he really likes what the glaze does to the overall look of the table.  Of course he is a big natural wood fan...good thing I'm leaving that tabletop unpainted, huh. 

Look at how those details POP now.

 Hope you have a fun week and find time to work on some projects of your own.

Enjoy your projects!


  1. Beautiful Sherry, You complete your projects very fast! It looks so nice with the top not painted!

  2. magnific blog much kisses charles