This poor glider rocker was sad and pitiful.  The cushion covers were stained beyond help and were not removable for washing.  I'm not even confident that I could have given it away.  So it sat in my garage for quite some time with miscellaneous garage paraphernalia piled atop it's grungy seat. 
It had no hope...

I got a new Brother sewing machine as a gift from my Mom! 


So, I tore open the sewing machine box and pulled out my new toy.  After I read a few pages of the manual, (that's more than my instruction-allergic husband would have read!) I went to work whipping out new cushion covers.  The Brother Sewing Machine worked like a dream!  In no time I had created new cushion covers for the chair.  Okay, so my seamstress skills may need some practice.  My stitches are not perfectly straight and I'm thinking I'm supposed to clip the seam allowance inside the curves to help it take it's rightful shape.  Not sure???

Luckily I had this warm, neutral fabric tucked away in the garage as well.  It was just barely enough ~ but it did the job perfectly.  It's a microfiber type cloth so it will be easy to keep clean and stain free.  I decided to whip out a burlap pillow and see if I could do some fun text and the first thing that came to mind was "Cuddle".  I printed on the burlap with a Sharpie in brown.  I wanted to try printing on the burlap with the printer (I saw it on Pinterest!), but I didn't have any freezer paper on hand and that is what you need.  Must try that soon

With my new "Cuddle" pillow

Here she is again posing with a cuddly blanket and teddy bear. 

My pillow didn't turn out half bad.  (Although ~ I must learn to sew straighter.)

Finally, here she is with my favorite children's book...can't you just hear her calling out to be ROCKED ON???

Have a great weekend!


  1. WOW!!!! I love it. You did an excellent job.

  2. Thanks Cinda! Still finding my way with this blog but I'm having a blast doing it. Hope to see you soon!