Green Themed Plate Wall

It was a good weekend for us. 

How about you?

My Mom and Dad were here for the weekend.  They were able to see the little guy playing basketball and we did some thrifting after.  We went to a little town called Mt. Angel, Oregon.   

We visited a place called the White Corner Store there.  This store had the most amazing things.  There were little themed vignettes with like colors all displayed together.  I love these type of displays. 

This photo shows the Black, White, Crystal and Silver!!!
My daughter was having fun with Grandma's new camera and the panorama feature.  Can you tell?

If you are ever in the Mt. Angel, OR area, you should stop by the White Corner Store on E. College Street and say hi to Diane, the owner.  She was so nice to talk to.  Not to mention she had the coolest things! 

She had a green and blue display that had some of the most darling pieces tucked into it.

I found my new green plate there!

It depicts a foxhunt scene and on the back it simply says "ENGLAND":

Then My Mom and I went to Goodwill and I found these:

I think I might have enough to start a plate wall. Why is it so difficult to find attractive green plates?  I'm getting there though.  Take a look at what I did, trying a couple of different arrangements, and tell me what you think. 

I kind of like the second one where I take out one of the three solid green plates to make it more balanced.  I just couldn't get them to fit any better with all three green plates in and I tried them in every possible pattern I could think of.  Hmmmmm....I'm going to play around with them some more.  I have a couple of blue print plates also...maybe those will look good mixed in.  We'll see...


  1. They are pretty. I love a day of thrifting! So fun that your mom goes with you. I find most of my stuff at Goodwill. Very seldom do I leave that store empty handed. Have fun with your plates! I can't wait to see the reveal!

  2. What a cool store!! I keep seeing cute antiques and thrift stores around here that I'm dying to duck into but 1 year old twins + double stroller + narrow isles = hard to get motivated. Your post is pushing me over the edge though; I think when the snow melts I'll give it a go!! I was leaning all close to the computer screen looking at the pictures you took of this store and playing the "what would I buy if I were there" game.
    I LOVE the plates you got! They are all so pretty! I agree with you about the layout; I think I'm liking the second one best. Can't wait to see them up on your wall!

  3. Great finds on all those green plates! Both layouts look good, but I think I prefer the second one too - it's a bit simpler and more balanced.

    {I'm sure you could make a real bubble light fixture using a method similar to what Jenna and I did. You'd need some electrical know-how, but otherwise I don't think it would be too difficult to do.}

  4. I like your collection of plates and wanted to share my opinion lol I really like the second arrangement, perfect:)

  5. I'm doing a green themed plate wall too. I've been collecting nice plates for 6 mths...but I'm having trouble deciding how to place them on the wall. Can't wait to see them on your wall.