Our Very Own Vintage Window

{I told you I would share when our very own window was done...}

Beautiful Windows

Like These:

 Destined for a landfill.

Just doesn't seem right, does it?

These beautiful windows have so much history. 

They still have life left in them.

Too much to just be wasted, broken and forgotten.

So we rescued them.

And we started giving them new life and new homes.

One by One.

You may have seen one or two of them before, cleaned up and ready for their new families.

This one's part of Our Family now:

Painted in a soft green with crisp white lettering.
Just needs a little distressing.  :)


I wonder what all our other orphan windows will become?


  1. Now, that is cool! At one time, I was looking for an old window to make into a coffee table top. Problem was, I couldn't find even one!

  2. Love this idea! I am finding uses for old windows from my great grandparent's house now. I love them too!

  3. Absolutely beautiful project. I originally thought it was mirrored. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I agree it turned out beautifully and what a super idea! Now I am on the hunt for old windows. Thanks!

  5. It's beautiful! And what a great wedding gift something like this would make.

  6. I love, love, love this! We have a lot of old windows and I have seen a lot of cute ideas for them but none that would go with my home BUT this! now this, I can use! Thanks for the great idea!

  7. I love old windows and have been collecting them myself! I love this idea!
    I started a new link party just for rustic and shabby chic projects and would love to have you share this - http://rustic-crafts.com/?p=5569

  8. I LOVE old windows!!! I've never seen personalized windows... and I LOVE IT!!!

    Please PLEASE share this on my blog:

  9. Terrific old windows! I like how you personalized the one on your porch! Thank you for sharing your creativity at 2805!

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  11. Thanks for sharing this at my link party! I hope to see you back this week - http://rustic-crafts.com/?p=5878

  12. Wow! You've got lots of old windows waiting to be transformed, huh? Hehe! It's been almost two years now, and I'm sure those recycled windows already have a new place in their house. Anyway, I’ll bookmark your post and use it as inspiration for my soon-to-be removed windows. Let the window replacement and recycling begin! Thanks for the share! :)

    Merrill Pride @ LoveYourWindows.com