A little pick me up

Just having some colorful flowers can go a long way in lifting my spirits. 
We've had several cold and sunny days here lately. 

Clear blue skies all the way!  

I love it! 

This is what my porch looked like this morning:

(Yep, those are last years dead begonias...they didn't make it through the freeze.  Oops.)

See, not so cheery, huh?

But this...this is much better:

 Yeah, that's much nicer!!!

I don't care if they're in the silly green nursery pots...we're still being thrifty.  It's our theme!

We still have the inevitable rain that is bound to come in the early spring. 

And that is why I bought myself some flowers! 

A touch of color and cheer each time I look out my window:

Something bright and welcoming for our visitors and company. 

These flowers are called Cyclamen and they are cold weather bloomers and thrive in the shade.  They should do well here on my north facing front porch, don't you think?  But don't rely on me...you should ask my Mom...she's the one with the green thumb.  ;)

Have a very nice day!


  1. I didn't know about those! Great...I want some! I was afraid the second picture was your NEW flowers having gotten zapped by a cold snap...Whew! Thank goodness..that would have been really sad. It really is cheery and welcoming.

  2. It's amazing how just a little pop of color here and there can really make us enjoy our environment so much better!

  3. Sigh, no flowers for us until around Mother's Day! It does brighten your day though doesn't it. XO Cindy

  4. I just went out and bought some tulips today! Love your cyclamens - spring is almost? here!
    Started following you in new Linky too (already GFC follower).

  5. yes..flowers are a guaranteed pick me up!! especially pink ones.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  6. Flowers make me happy too. I can't wait until spring!

  7. Hi Sherri, I am glad you found me! I am your newest follower.