In a little bit I'm going to do something "CRAZY"...

So this is just a teaser:

I'm not ready to start messing with my blog's web design. 
Maybe tomorrow. 
I'm going to get a couple of quotes on what it would cost for someone else to do it first.
That will help me decide if it's worth my time.
Like I have any. :)

I am, however, ready to make some changes in our rooms, and get some projects done!

Today I am assessing things downstairs. 


I'm looking at present and future projects around here.
Trying to figure out what needs to be done.

I also have to keep in mind some other things:
How much money different projects cost?
How much time things will take?
If we need to finish one project to get started on the next? 
Are we looking at all of our rooms cohesively?

I know, that is a big word for me!

What I mean is ~ is there a nice design flow from one space to the next?  :)

You've probably figured out that I don't always color between the lines. 
I don't necessarily follow what is in.
Don't get me wrong...I like some popular designs.
Just take a look at OUR  Restoration Hardware knockoff tripod lamp here
Obviously this wasn't an original idea.  It was pretty rewarding making a copycat version though. 
I just don't feel the need to change everything around here because someone thinks I should. 
What I do feel like doing is making this house a beautiful home. 
A place that meets my families needs.
Someplace comfortable, attractive, welcoming and practical.
Doesn't that sound nice!!!

So, whether you want to see it,
Or not...
I'm going to publish pictures of our downstairs rooms. 
Fair warning!!!
I'm not staging them all before hand.  (I did conveniently hide some of our mess..haha).
You've all seen what my under stair closet and laundry room looked like before, right?
Don't be surprised if you see something a little askew.  LOL!

My photography skills are not the best.
I have to admit this might completely bore you...
But, this will give me
(and you ~ if you really want to follow along)
a better picture of where we are coming from.
And what we are trying to do. 

At least for me this might be kinda fun.  :)
I'll be back in a little bit.
After I get these crazy, scary photos loaded!


  1. Can't wait to see what you decide to work on. And I'll definitely be here for the journey. Have a great rest of the weekend.


  2. It will be fun. Very few of us are commercial photographers But that's not what it is about anyway.

  3. cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve! I think you should just play around with your blog yourself! Im also going to be re-doing my blog as soon as I figure out how to! lol keep up the great work:) Deidre~ http://simplysimplisticated4.blogspot.com