Making Progress ~ sneak peak at THE NOOK

We don't have any "finished" projects to share yet.

We were too busy watching my nephew do this:

WooHoo!!!  Way To Go Luke!!!

This is our upstairs "nook".


We designed this area as a little gaming/movie watching area.  I wanted this built in wall shelf to display Scott's growing collection of cribbage boards.  Scott just got the little cross shelves cut down to size and he was so excited that he had to put all the cribbage boards up there to see how they would look even though the shelves aren't done being painted.  The shelves will eventually get a coat of white paint like the rest of the built in.

I love this space...

Scott put the leftover wainscot wallpaper along the backs of these built ins for some added texture and cottage-y character.  The flooring is recycled hardwood we got from a family member's remodel.  I detest wall to wall carpeting.  (Sorry if you are a carpet lover, I really don't mean to insult.)  I would prefer hardwood with an area rug any day.  It's so much easier to clean and maintain.  I have children and I care for more children for a living.  Children change your perspective on carpeting!  Someday I hope to have the entire house finished with some type of hardwoods and just have area rugs where needed.

Until then...

The Craigslist sleeper sofa was the perfect size for The Nook.  When Alex has a sleepover they can pop in a movie or game and pull out the sleeper bed.  He's already tested it out!  I got a photo of him and his buddy passed out here but he made me swear not to blog it.  I cannot go back on my word.  (I must hide my camera better next time so he doesn't know what pictures I have on it!  lol!)

Just a bit of white paint to finish off the shelving and a few more details and this area will be done.   I'm hoping to make a comfy slipcover for the little sofa...maybe in a charcoal gray???

See in the corner of the above photo...the half-wall surrounds the stairs going down to the first floor.

It's hard to believe that this area used to be part of a two story entryway...it was open all the way up to the second floor ceiling.  It was a lot of wasted space ~ but not anymore!  There was an ugly brass chandelier that hung down over the front door.  I wish I had a photo to show you but we did this addition before I started blogging and I FAILED TO TAKE BEFORE PHOTOS.  I'm so disappointed about that!  Let this be a lesson to me (and you)...even if you don't blog about your projects...take a durn photo so you can compare the BEFORE and AFTERS!!!

Scott was extremely excited to get this little 27 inch flat screen tv on his birthday.  It's our first flat screen TV!  LED, 1080P, back-lit, HDTV, HDMI, PC connectivity and much more!  Don't ask me what most of that means.  I have no idea...but I was smart enough to listen when he talked about them so I could hopefully get a good one for him.  He quickly added an electrical outlet right into the ledge of the built in shelf so that the tv cord would not hang down along the wall.  He also added additional outlets in the walls for laptops, Blue-ray players and gaming systems if needed.  I knew he would do that.   He's so darn handy!  And Alex was nice enough to point out that the XBOX 360 is also a Blue-ray player so we should just get one of those. Wink, wink.

This cribbage board is my favorite.  I found it at an estate sale.  I believe that 29 is the highest hand you can achieve in Cribbage.  I wouldn't know because I've never been lucky enough to get a hand that high.  I can occasionally kick Scott's hiney though.  He likes the challenge.  I do a pretty good job of harassing him if I beat him at a game.  I'm not the best at strategy games so I have to take my shots where I can get them!  Right?

What projects have you been making progress on?  I would love to hear about them.




  1. Love your little nook. Wish we had a bigger house - ours is so tiny - we are going to make a little entertainment are in our corridor for the kids next weekend. I'm the same - hate wall to wall carpets but alas that is what I have in this house. My pet hate tho (sorry if I offend anyone) is little wastepaper baskets in every room....xxx

    1. Nat, that is the best pet hate I've ever heard.

  2. Haha...I'm so NOT offended Nat! Although I may know someone who has a wastepaper basket in each and every room...including one right next to his trusty recliner. Lol. Our home isn't small by any means, 1700 square feet, but it was very lacking in storage and character so we are adding bit by bit. This little nook is the new favorite spot in our house!

  3. Sherry that is the best use of a nook I have seen! I love that the sleeper sofa fits perfectly. It's also great that you have a window right there. I hate carpet too and my plan is to get rid of it room by room. I love that cribbage board. I would love to learn to play. Someone gave us a set with missing directions. We tried to google it and strangely enough....didn't find a good set of "how to play" rules.

  4. I love your nook! We are slowly getting our house re-decorated from the lovely 90's style of peach and mint green...gag. I love kicking my husband's butt at games. We either play "nerd game" Settlers of Cattan or Sequence. Good times.

  5. Hey Sherry! I am so excited to find your blog! I am your newest follower!!!!