Yummy Tacos de Lengua

Do you love Mexican food as much as I do?  It is one of my absolute favorites!  Spicy food is way up there on my list...just below chocolate and coffee.  :0

Tacos de Lengua are an authentic Mexican cuisine that you can easily make at home.
First you have to find the beef tongue at your local Grocers.  You will find them in the meat department at most grocery stores.  They may be somewhat off putting in appearance.  ;)   Sorry, but it's true.  If you haven't had tacos de lengua before try to get past that.  They are well worth the discomfort that comes from the thought!

My son likes to say something like...
"Wow, that's a HUGE tongue!  Are you really going to eat THAT???"

WHY, YES!  It's so GOOD!

Here's what you do:

Wait for it to cool enough to remove this layer without burning your fingertips!!  you might want to use a fork to help with this step.  It comes off really easy though. 

You can always add your favorite hot sauce if you like extra spicy!!

These are some of the most tender, juicy and flavorful tacos ever.  

I like to follow with a fresh squeezed margarita myself.  
Just kidding, I don't really make freshly squeezed margaritas.  I use a bottled mixer and and my favorite tequila and then squeeze a little fresh lime juice in for good measure!  

"disfrutar de su comida!"


  1. OMG! This reminded me of my mom and when I was a kid. I always knew what we were having for dinner when I would walk in the door from school and smell the beef tongue cooking.

    I was shocked after I went to the grocery store with her and saw it in the package. The same thing happened when I found out I was eating stomach lining in menudo and also when I saw my cousin while in Mexico cleaning out the tripe (intestines) for my tacos. Lol They are all really good but I'm better not knowing what I'm eating. Haha!

  2. My parents used to make tongue all the tongue-it's quite a common protein over here in Australia for people who work on properties, farms etc. I actually had it recently in a Japanese restaurant and it was sensational!

    Thanks for the recipe-I might give it a try!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  3. Oh Sherry.....These look really good, but I think I'm going to have to taste them and like them, before I tackle cooking (actually...even touching) a beef tongue. But again, they look good and I wouldn't be afraid to try them! What time is dinner??