Sprucing Up Our Summer Deck

Welcome to our back deck...

It's only about twelve feet deep.  It's our little fenced-in heaven.  Lol!  

Do you detect some humor?  Making the best of what we have here!

There was a little strip of lawn here when we moved in.  I love grass but it was slightly sloped and not really good for anything, except mowing.  So, when a friend ripped out their wood deck we claimed all of the used boards to create our own little deck area.  

If you've been around P3 before you've probably figured out we love to recycle, reuse, and re-purpose whatever we can get our hands on.  Not just from a save-the-universe-one-tin-can-at-a-time perspective...but our budget is pretty slim right now and we don't want to let that stop us from having a good time and enjoying our space.  

...And this is why we've been creating this little "oasis" in our teeny tiny backyard!

A blue and brass SCALE holds a couple of plants atop a chippy green tray.  

This shelf was a roadside rescue ~ I believe it was a printer stand in it's former life.  
(It may have a date with a can of spray paint eventually.)    :)

I did several things to minimize the appearance of our never-ending fence line and add some color and interest:

  •  I hung an old multi-pane window, which I sprayed the back of with Krylon's Looking Glass Paint.      The Looking Glass Paint makes it look like an antique mirror.  
  • I hung one of our homemade CABINET DOOR-TURNED CHALKBOARDS on one side of the window.
  •  An empty blue frame surrounds a hanging flower pot on the other side.  

Love It!!! 

I am delighted with these new chair pads!  They're so comfortable.

They were made from some very inexpensive beach towels.  
If you would like to see how they were created click HERE.

Just off the deck to the right is our free Craigslist hot tub.  
It took Scott some time and energy to get it up and running, but it was definitely worth it.  I think he invested less than $200 in parts and that's it...a new heating element and some hoses.  Nice, huh!?

The blue tubing along the fence are blue rope lights.  They wrap around the dining area all the way around to the end of the pool.  They look amazing at night. 

We are enjoying the vibrant, cool blues and greens out here.

Those are acrylic plates from Freddie's...nothing fancy.  ;)
Don't have to worry about them getting broken.  :)

The gate leads directly to the swimming pool.  
It was FINALLY hot enough to go in today.  

Speaking of the gate...it used to be somebody's front door.  
Scott salvaged it from a demo and cut off the top (window portion), then added hinges and a latch to create this funky gate.  

I caught him sanding away at the paint and quickly put a halt to that... 
He was getting rid of all of the good stuff!  
I'm going to make a cute sign to go on the front....
"POOL AREA" or something fun.

Here's Scott manning the grill while Sadie holds down the fort.  
She's never far when the aroma of BBQ is in the air!  
Oh how I love that dog.  
Don't worry...I saved her some trimmings!


  1. Sherry that looks like an awesome space! I love all of the stuff hanging on the fence! And of course I love the beach towel chair cushions when you made them. Love the bright colors everywhere! Nice space!

  2. Oh this is so cute! I just love the gate to the pool. And I love boxer dogs - we had 3 while i was growing up - such gorgeous dogs xxx Nat

  3. Great Party spot! youve really added your own personal touches and they look wonderful! great POPS of color everywhere:) Deidre~ http://simplysimplisticated4.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks so much for sharing over at Sassafras Salvation. I love all you've done - that pot in the frame is soo cute! (And a free hot tub? I'm dying of envy!) Hugs, Kathy

  5. Looks like a perfect place to throw down! Wow...a free Hot Tub... But I envy the grill the most! Every year we say we are going to get one at the end of summer, and we never do. UGH!

  6. What a fun space! My son and DiL are hankering for a hot tub, but they have a bathtub budget ! I'm going to scour Craig's List for them right now !!!!!


  7. I think you have absolutely made THE MOST of the space that you have. So bright and cheery... I'd sit out there and sip iced tea all afternoon!!!

  8. Found you at house of grace and I am a follower I was lured in by the blue too fun!

  9. I love your little deck and all the great touches on it. I think I'm going to copy that window turned antique mirror...what a great idea. Thanks for linking up to the All Star Block Party!


  10. Your deck looks like a fabulous place to hang out and relax - I'm so jealous of your hot tub! :) I would love to see a picture of it at night with the blue rope lights on. :)

    I, too, think I'm going to have to try the window to mirrow idea!

  11. Sweet little deck! Looks like the dog is living the life, too! I love the funky decorating!

  12. Lvoe this! It looks like such a comforting place to hangout and relax!

  13. Your deck looks cozy and inviting! I love the blue and brass scale holding the plants...very nice touch! :)

  14. I just love everything you've done to your deck area... it all feels so homey!!!! I love it

    I really love the frame around the plant and the looking glass window.... so cool!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing with the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY... =)


  15. Cutest deck! Super fun color and love your DECKorating! :)
    Thanks so much for sharing! Looks like an awesome place to entertain and spend the summer!

  16. What a perfect summer hang-out! Love the happy colors!