Mexican Grilled Corn

It was a nice long weekend, wasn't it?

We got loads of painting done.  WooHoo!!!

Click on photo to see more about our kitchen paint updates

We had some down time too.  Double WooHoo!!!

Strolled around a town called Silverton, Oregon. 
Tons of Antique stores to explore! 

Spent some time with friends BBQing.  YUMMY! 

Meet my darling, amazing, fun friend, Tina. She's a kick in the pants!
She makes me smile nonstop. She has the greatest sense of humor.
I'm trying to convince her to collaberate with me here on this blog.
Hope she decides to give it a go...you'd adore her!

Enjoyed some perfectly seasoned and BBQ'd flank steak, as well as some Mexican Grilled Corn and Pesto Artichoke Pasta Salad.  Double YUMMY!

How cute is she!?  And that flank steak was pure perfection. 
Some credit to her hubby Tony, of course, for manning the grill!

Scott and I first had a version of this corn at a La Fortuna Mexican Fiesta that's put on a couple of times a year here in our town.  After being won over by the flavorful grilled corn, I decided to give it a go!  It was finger licking good!  (Although I would soak the skewers in water if I had it to do all over again.  I think the "Grill Masters" have slightly burnt fingers from turning the corn cobs with the skewers!)

Here is the recipe I used for the Mexican Grilled Corn.  It's really quite easy and adds tons of pizzaz to corn on the cob. 

10 corn on the cobs
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
3 fresh limes
fresh grated parmesan cheese
chili powder

Mix together Mayo, Sour Cream and fresh chopped cilantro.  Set aside in refrigerator.
Push skewers into corn cobs (soak skewers first to prevent burning).
Cook the corn, uncovered on grill at medium to medium-high heat, turning until cooked evenly.
Coat corn with with mayo mixture (we used a pastry brush to spread on).
Spritz each corn cob with a bit of lime juice.
Roll in grated parmesan to coat (I put parmesan on a paper plate for this step).
Sprinkle with chili powder to taste (personally I think the more the better!)
Garnish with lime quarters.

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your projects!

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  1. Oh your friend looks so sweet!!!! Yum I want corn now - pity its 11.30pm here!!! xxx Nat

  2. This looks delicious! We love grilled corn, so I'm giving this a try! And yes..your friend looks adorable!!

  3. That looks yummy, I want to try that this summer! Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Omg that whole meal look FANTASTIC!! Pinning that corn :) It's a must cook for the summer! Thanks for the great recipe :)

  5. This looks really great. Thanks for the share and have a nice week.

  6. Oh my goodness gracious!! Looks like my corn will be playing dress up this summer. Yum!! Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  7. My brother lived in Texas for a few years and learned to love Mexican food. I know he would love this corn, and it looks very delicious! I'm having a Grill, BBQ, and Picnic party on my blog the week of June 17. This corn would be perfect to link up to that, so I'd love it if you made plans to join me. Details on my blog if you're interested.

  8. I am drooling. That looks amazing. Is it super spicy? I must try this! Thanks for linking up this week - I am supper glad you did.
    The steak looks pretty daggone good as well.
    I am so hungry now :o)
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  9. I make a similar corn - what's better than steak and corn in the summer?!!

  10. I made this corn today for cinco de mayo and it was FANTASTIC!!! Everyone raved about it and said it was the best grilled corn they had ever had. Thank you so much for such a great recipe!