Our Spring Yard ~ Making the most of what we've got!

We live in a subdivision in the country. I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, right?
But it's true.
Don't ask!

So, to make up for a lack of wide open space, we've maximized what space we have.

I re-stained our porch bench recently, because it was looking kinda shabby. It's actually an all-in-one, with two seats and a center table, all connected.  

We won it at a charity auction. :)

Here's how it looked earlier this spring:
The previous stain is almost completely worn off.

 While Scott finished the sides of our new raised garden bed, I put a fresh coat of stain on the bench.  Now it looks like this:

I added some thrift store throw pillows and a few accessories.

 We brought the chiminea around from the back yard...it never got used there. 

We also brought in these folding directors chairs we found for $5 each at GW last fall.
What a steal at $5 each! 
They can easily be moved closer to the chiminea to roast marshmallows.

We set up the Hammock under our little tree ~ in the hopes that it would inspire plenty of sunny naps.

It definitely works!

AND ~ we even have baby radishes, carrots and green onions sprouting!

 With all of these cheery additions to the porch I just couldn't resist adding a fresh welcome mat.

Now I just need to paint a faux rug onto the patio, refresh the white paint on the railing, hang a bird feeder and a couple of bird houses.

Oh, did I mention we have tons of baby strawberries???


Almost forgot, here's the before shot:

And again, the After:

 Much better.

Thanks for stopping by! 



  1. Love the furniture! Everything looks so fresh and inviting!

  2. Looks lovely Sherry- oh how I wish for a hammock under a tree and the summer breeze upon me while I nap - nooooo I'm sitting here with a blanket over my knees shivering... Enjoy tho - looks really great xxx Nat

    1. Sure wish I could send some sunshine your way, Nat. If it makes you feel any better ~ it's actually been stormy here for the last coupla days. Good for the garden, bad for the tan. Hope you start feeling better. Hugs!

  3. Sherry this is gorgeous! I want to relax on your porch....or better yet nap in your hammock. Score on those directors chairs!

    1. Thanks Danni! Maybe someday we can all hang out...I claim the hammock! See ya soon. Hugs!

  4. All your outside spaces look so fresh and pretty! Looks like your veggies are very happy in their new raised beds!

  5. Sherry,

    Everything turned out so adorable! I love your porch bench transformation. The color of the stain is perfect, along with the accent pillows from the Thrift Store....great job!!! It adds so much more comfy space to your home, such a beautiful place hang out!

  6. I love it! I am desperate for a fire pit on my patio...my I can convince the husband to get me one this year. And yay for sproutlings!

  7. So stylish! follow each other sweetie?:X


  8. I love the stain color Sherry...great job! Hope you're enjoying the long weekend! :)

  9. Everything looks so relaxing! I absolutely LOVE that bench. I want my husband to make one just like it for our yard!