Donut Shop ~ Metal Sign

I'm not going to sugar-coat the truth...my family are a bunch of donut fiends. 


Put a box of donuts in a room and watch them start circling...

Like Great White Donut Sharks.

...and don't be surprised if you find hidden donuts from time to time.

'Cause everyone wants to make sure they get their fair share and if they leave them out in the open...

They'll be gone for sure!!!

We found this sign at a yard sale awhile back.  $2 bucks.  Honest to God.  It's metal and it's a bit warped but I think I might be able to fix that.  There's some chipping and it looks like it's been around for awhile.  Perfectly chippy and aged looking!

We don't buy donuts often...they're a special treat around here.  (I can only take the shark circling occasionally!  Plus they're sooo NOT healthy.) 

But this darling Donut Shop sign won't make me gain a single pound hanging in the dining room.  Lucky Me!


  1. I love the sign, what a great find, what a deal for $2!!!

    I have the same love affair with donuts. I love them so much, that I gave them up 7 years ago. I have only had 1 donut in 7 years. I think I need a sign! Oh man, all I'm going to be thinking about are donuts the rest of the day!

    Yummy post, Sherry!

  2. This a gorgeous sign!!! I love donuts too - need to give them up - so hard!!!!

  3. $2...what a smokin deal!! I wouldn't have passed that up either! As for the donuts...I'm a circling shark as well, and a donut hider!! I'm pretty sure there are no bad donuts!! Great find and a fun read!

  4. love this and it is so fun to have something so out of the ordinary and edgy in a room. Always one piece to keep them talking is what I like to say. :D Thanks for sharing this week on BeColorful.