ANTHROPOLOGIE's got nothing on me

Sometimes I see something and want it so bad...no matter how frivolous or unnecessary the item is.  Do you ever feel that way?

Maybe it's nostalgia...bringing back memories of when I was young.  I can recall many warm summer days, trips to local farms and eating our fill of sweet summer berries before taking our bounty home for making jams and crisps with the family.  My mom was always so good about those things!  Yeah, those were the days...

ANTHROPOLOGIE has some very eclectic, colorful home decor and accessories.  I've seen some really cute things.  I like their funky colors and unique qualities.  How I would love to get my hands on some of their offerings.  Especially a darling ceramic fruit basket that looks just like the little green cardboard pint you might find holding berries at your local Fruit Stand or Farmers' Market.

See this little cardboard basket?
Anthropologies' Farmers Market baskets are made from stoneware cast from real fruit containers and come in several colors.  Check out the link below if you are interested:

But personally, I wasn't ready to send them my money.  I decided to see what I could do with what I had.  So I grabbed my little cardboard basket and some spray enamel paint in white and gave it several good coats on all sides.  I made sure to really get it into the cutout areas and edges too.  Even the bottom:

It took several coats to give it good coverage over all of the green cardboard.  After it was dry I picked it up and realized it still felt and looked more like cardboard than ceramic.  So I took some of my Gesso, which I use to prepare canvases for painting, and gave the basket another good thick coating using a paint brush.  When it finally dried the basket was substantially more stiff and solid than before.  My final step was to give it two generous coats of a spray polyurethane to gloss it up and seal it.

I'm sure it could not be considered "food safe".  It's more for staging, if you know what I mean.  If I do use it to hold fruit I will probably line it with a coffee filter to be safe.  I don't mind.  It was easy and fun and it turned out darling...just like ANTHROPOLOGIE'S!  It will look great sitting in my open cabinets in the kitchen or out on the table holding "whatnots". 

And mine didn't cost $14 plus shipping.  :)

What do you think?
Don't these raspberries make you hungry!?  ;)

It even goes with green!!!


A big thanks to Beckie of Knockoff Decor for featuring my baskets!

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  1. I saw these at Crate and Barrel. Love this idea!

  2. Thanks Laura...I love them. Had to have one of my own ;)

  3. Sherry this is adorable! I want one now too - but we dont get containers like that here. I love it xxx

    1. Hun - I had to give you a shout out on my FB page - love it - oh and a tweet

  4. Way to knock-off Anthropologie! You know I love a good knock-off and yours is terrific!

  5. Sherry,
    What a great idea!!! And yous is even better!!!

  6. It looks awesome with the string beans. Not awesome enough to make me eat them though. Very good idea to make it yourself.

  7. What a great idea. It looks just like the ceramic one. You did an amazing job. Thank you for sharing it at the Our Favorite Things Link Party.

  8. Love the Anthropologie knock-off -very clever! (And the jalapeno recipe too. :)

  9. Very clever! I had not seen the little quart containers as real bowls anywhere before. I think a coffee filter would be a perfect solution.
    It's funny....your post here caught my eye, because we must have been linking up to Between Naps...at the same time, as I expected to be first in the next line. But when it showed up, I was 3rd, and you were first, and we both have Farmers' Market related posts! What a coincidence. We even chatted a bit about the memories they bring.
    Anyway - glad I dropped by. Great project. : )

  10. Very cute. I too am a fan of Anthro stuff but most of their prices drive me crazy!

    I host a weekly party called Seasonal Sundays and I'd love to have you join me one of these Sundays.The link goes up at 7 pm on Saturday night.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. Very cute! I may have to copy you and try this with the egg carton. Thanks for sharing.

  12. So cute! I've seen these at anthropologie too, and have been veerrrry tempted to buy some. I love the knock-off version!

  13. this is such a sweet idea! (no pun intended) i will have to give this knock off a try and i also love homa style's idea with the egg carton.


  14. It looks great - and "greener" than theirs. Smart girl. So happy you shared this with BeColorful this week.

  15. Great makeover, Sherry! Looks like the real deal.

  16. Sherry-
    I've been searching the internet on how to do this! How does it hold up with uses and washes? Want to see how it stands the test of time and love before I invest in the supplies. Thanks so much for posting this!