End Table Makeover with Spray Paint

I've been changing things up and adding some color to our home and lives lately:

New paint on the walls,
New pillow coverings,
And this weekend I threw a bunch of stuff outside for a yard sale, then it rained...
Yep, we live in Oregon!
I even worked on a new attitude (Okay, so I'm always working on a new attitude :)

Here's our latest colorful addition:  
It's a darling little end table with a pull out top, for beverages I assume, and a built in magazine rack.  Woohoo!!!  (Perfect for my decor magazine addiction...shhhhh...)

We found this scratched-up, beat-up, too-short, seen-better-days-beauty abandoned on the side of the rode in Portland.  

Uh jackpot, our lucky day!  (Yeah, I'm saying this now, but each time the hubby brings home another roadkill rescue piece, I give him that "Seriously?  Another project to take up space until we can find the time to work on it?"  look.  He knows what look I'm talking about!

We recently kicked our own end tables to the curb ~  because they were too big for our room and everything was feeling a bit crowded.  I am finding that I like our rooms to have a little bit of breathing space, instead of filling each and every inch with furniture and stuff.  So I have been trying to "streamline" and meet our needs with smaller pieces that will make a bigger impact.  Plus I'm here in this house ALL THE TIME so it's nice to change things up now and then.  :)   Hey, I get bored easily.  

It has darling little brass knobs and a pull out top with a no-slip, easily wiped down pad on it.  
Did I mention the built in magazine rack???  Oh yeah, I did...

But, it was too short!  That just wouldn't do.
When we set it next to our sofa it was about five inches shorter than the arm of the sofa.  
That makes it difficult to set anything down...

But Scott conveniently has all that scrap wood out there in his shop area...just waiting to be used for some awesome projects, right!  He measured and cut some "legs" out of 2x2's.  They got nailed into the bottom with his pneumatic nail gun and that whole short issue was HISTORY!  


We sanded the top to smooth out all the rough cracks and scratches and removed some of the sheen before painting.  I gave it several coats of Krylon, True Blue Gloss spray paint.  
"Long, light, even strokes with the paint", Scott likes to tell me.  (I get a little impatient with the paint and he feels the need to remind me of this each and every time.  This may never change.)

 The cute little brass knobs went back on and now it fits perfectly beside the sofa:

Just waiting for my cup, my laptop, and the next installment of Inspiration Cafe!

And now for the grand finale side-by-side comparison:



  1. Looks good Sher, nice little "pop" of color. Even Becca was watching as I scrolled down through the progress of each step... she took a picture of the side by side before and after on her camera. She loves you too :) (Posting anon as I still can't remember that google password)

    1. Thanks!!! And please do tell Becca that I love her too :) Hey, did you know you can request a new password? Lol. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, my friend! Hugs.

  2. Oh that is seriously a cool piece! I love the color and the slide out part. The magazine rack is bonus! What a great space saver piece of furniture! Nice job!

  3. What a cool piece! And I love it in blue. :) Nice makeover! Visiting from Between Naps on the Porch. Hope you'll stop by my blog post too! :)

  4. Love this so much! Saw your project over on Hometalk! You always inspire me :)


  5. I love this, the color is so great! I like how you added taller legs.

  6. my husband and i both agree we love this! i'm looky for a cute table for next to the couch. wish i could find something just like this! it's perfect.

  7. i love the legs you added to it, and seriously, i'm amazed that piece has those hidden extras. what a fabulous find!

  8. So cute! Love the new color you chose!

  9. Great job. I have a Blog Hop on Wednesdays, and I would love it if you would link this post tomorrow. You can find it at
    It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
    I hope to see you there. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  10. Very fun colour! I can't believe you found that for free!

  11. What a great find, and beautiful color.

  12. I am so cracking up right now. When I met hubby he had TWO of these things and I HATED them! Once I moved up with my own furniture, we put those two little tables in his mom's attic. Guess I'm going to have to get them out now. LOL Love what you did with them!

  13. What a unique table and I love that bold shade of blue!

  14. I just love finding things on the side of the road! I'll take someone else's castoffs in a heartbeat. I'm happy for you that the piece happened to be something more in scale for your room.

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday, Sherry. Hope to see you again this week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

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  16. dang lady you guys find so much cool stuff, guess I need to get out more lol

  17. You should put a couple of your pictures like that big one over your couch I wood where they cute it up would look so good