Guilt Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Being on a diet SUCKS!
You probably don't need me to tell you that.
That's why I'm not dieting.  :)  
I'm enjoying these amazing Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies today...totally Guilt Free too, I might add.

So, do I have your attention now?

I truly believe that it's time for us...(yes this is me speaking for an entire unnamed group of people)...anyhow ;)...It's time for US to quit 'dieting' to get to where we want to be with our weight and overall health.  We truly need to change our habits and lifestyles.  We can bury our heads in the sand and continue eating processed, modified, genetically altered foods because they are easy, convenient and inexpensive.  And we can continue to wonder why we are experiencing so many health and wellness problems and feeling a general decline in our energy.


We can change the way we look at food in general.  
We can choose all-natural foods whenever possible. 
We can limit our intake of processed carbs and sugars to an occasional treat.

And we don't have to feel guilty about having a treat now and then. We don't have to 'fall off the diet wagon' if we allow ourselves something good.  

If we just exercise some common sense and self~control when are making choices.

Anyway...I'm stepping down from my soap box now.  I have some cookies warm from the oven that are calling my name!

The best thing about these cookies is they are just a tiny blip on the radar of my allowed calorie intake for the day.  Oh yeah!

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Weight Watchers Online recipe modified)

If you have a family you may want to double this recipe because you are going to need the extras!
These taste just like regular chocolate chip cookies and if your family likes chocolate chip cookies they will devour them.  


2 Tbsp salted butter, softened
2 tsp vegetable oil or canola oil
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp salt
1 large egg white
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips 


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

In a medium mixing bowl, cream together the softened butter, brown sugar and oil.  Add vanilla and egg whites; mix thoroughly.

In another small bowl combine flour and baking soda; stir into batter.  Add chocolate chips and stir to distribute evenly.

Drop dough by half teaspoons onto two large nonstick cookie sheets leaving a small space between each cookie. 

I like to cover my pans with parchment paper...thank Martha Stewart for this tip!

Bake until golden brown on the edges, about 5 minutes; cool on wire rack. 

1 cookie per serving
1 WW point per cookie
Approximately 25 calories each! (3g carbs, 1.35g fat)

Seriously, grab a few and enjoy.  

They are absolutely delicious and they won't ruin your whole day of eating healthy ~ if you stick to just a few.  :)

They go great with a glass of ice cold skim milk.

I'm just so happy that I can eat healthy and still enjoy some of the treats that I love.

I don't even have to add a bunch of extra Cardio into my routine to offset these little puppies...Yeah!!!


I'm not the only one baking up some cookie goodness in the kitchen today.  My friend Julie made these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies over at Redhead Can Decorate

Julie and I must be on the same anti-diet wave length today...after all...why should we be forced to give up cookies!?  Eat responsibly people!!!

But baking isn't all that Julie's been up to lately...check out this bedroom!!!  I haven't laid a hand on my bedroom decor in 8 years.  She's really inspiring me to get in there and make it beautiful again.


Go see how she transformed this room from an earthy green that wasn't growing on anybody to a fresh and tranquil white retreat.  White just has a way of opening a room up, doesn't it?

Hey, have you linked up to the BEAT THE BULGE link party yet?  We would love for you to share any light and healthy recipes, or fitness tips.  Success stories would be great too.  Did you lose weight or start an exercise program that changed your life?  Have you overcome food allergies and health issues by changing your diet?  Share those stories here to encourage others that are trying to make healthy changes!


  1. These cookies will help me so much girl. Thank you!!

  2. Yum! These look great! I'm going to have to add mini cookies to my baking list this week! =)

  3. The Mini Cookies look awesome ! Do not think I could ever get away with white in my bedroom or anywhere in my house... but it is so pretty.

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  5. Hello from Monday Mingling! I am your newest fan and it would be lovely if stop by over my blog and see if you like it :)

    Have a fantastic week.

    Hugs x

  6. My problem isn't one cookie. It's ALL of them. :-) Sigh... looks great though and much congrats on the 6 pounds and look forward to being a part of the blogger bulge babes.

  7. Yum, Sherry! I'm loving all the low cal options you and Julie have been sharing! it's such a great guilt free option for dessert-o-holics like me!! :)

  8. That's great! You are so right. Time to stop dieting.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing at Project Inspired @ Setting for Four.
    I hope you had a fantastic Easter and can join me tonight at 8 pm EST for Project Inspired #8!

  10. I literally just made two batches of these cookies! I didn't have chocolate chips for one batch i used smarties and for the other i just used pure chocolate powder! They were insanely perfect! Thank you so much for posting this recipe, ive been craving chocolate chip cookies for a while but ya know i didn't want actual cookies, i truly thank you :)