Welcome Spring Door Hanging

Hi!  I hope this finds you enjoying some sweet Spring sunshine.  

Are you a wreath person?
Do you put a new wreath out for each season or holiday like clockwork?
Or maybe just at Christmas time?
(Hopefully you don't still have your Christmas wreath hanging.  Not that I would mind, it's your door!)

Do you make your own wreaths?
Out of grapevines and wire wreath forms and pool noodles?
I admire you if you do.  

Here I am...a 'so called' DIY Home Blogger with absolutely no wreath making skills. 
It's a little bit shameful...hanging head in embarrassment.  ;)


And Pinterest is no help.

About every 6th pin is another DIY wreath tutorial.  Ugh.  So many reminders that I'm failing in the wreath creating department.

But recently I was inspired by a couple of talented and creative bloggers:


Ann did an amazing wreath making tutorial that I am hoping will inspire me to dive in and make my very own wreath creation:

Ann is an amazing decorator...and not just wreaths.  
You should click through to her site and see the way she makes everything special!

And the sweet and creative Miss Chelsea fashioned a gorgeous Spring Door Hanging that made me forget my wreath envy: 

Just click photo to be taken to Chelsea's post!

Isn't it lovely!?  I am in love with Chelsea's blog.  Her creative perspective is so young and fresh.  I can't get enough of her projects!  You'll just have to go see for yourself.  :)

So, today I compromised and started creating a Spring door hanging using a plastic wall planter I bought at a yard sale last summer.

First I had to cover over that horrid green.  Hey, green is my favorite color but THIS green just isn't doing anything for me.  

A nice crisp white will be so much fresher, don't you think?

Add in some pretty pastel flowers with staying power (aka faux)

Pretty and fresh to welcome our guests!

And I love the fact that I can change out the flowers for Summer and other special occasions.  I even have a few dollar store Easter decorations I might poke in there for this weekend....Yeah!

Okay, I've now got a floral door hanging under my belt.  Thanks Chelsea, for the inspiration!  And Ann, I'm going to be tackling an actual wreath project next...using your wonderful tips as my guide!


  1. SO pretty & fun Sherry!! And… you do a wreath, I'll attempt Mod Podge. LOL
    Claire @ A LIttle Claireification

  2. Sherry, I think this is really pretty! You'll do GREAT on a wreath and once you make it, you'll see it's fun to do and hard to stop making them! Have an awesome week! ~Cindy@littlemisscelebration.com

  3. That's really cute. I'm not a wreath maker either, but that's ok because the robins always built nests in my store-bought wreaths. It was cute at first, but not so cute after being chased by angry robins. I'm limited to swags now.

  4. Nicely done! Uh, yeah, the white is a huge improvement. Has it been a really long time since I clicked over from email or is this a new blog format? Anyway, I like.

  5. Very cute and I just love it...way to go.


  6. Very pretty and I love that you can change out the flowers and add different holiday accessories to it!

  7. Beautiful! I love decor that works for all different seasons and holidays!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way