My 5 Healthy Eating Tips and Tricks

6 pounds !!!

Okay, I've just passed the two week mark since we started the Beat the Bulge link party and Facebook Support Group (Come Join Us Here)...I'm down 6 pounds, I completed another 5k run, and I'm fitting into jeans I haven't been able to wear in MONTHS!  I feel really good about my progress so far.  I've had a few over~indulgences that may have slowed my progress a bit (like eating almost the whole package of mini rice cakes instead of a single serving) but I'm not going to dwell on them.  It feels good to finally see my numbers going DOWN on the scale.

Six pounds doesn't sound like any BIG THANG, but my commitment to healthy eating combined with strength training sessions and running are definitely showing some awesome results in the way I look and feel.  That is the main goal so WOOHOO!!!  Celebrate each success!  ~ Just not with fattening food! ~

Here are some of my tips for staying on course with a healthy diet.  Take 'em or leave 'em.  :)  We each have to do what works best for our individual lifestyles, preferences and health needs.

1.  KEEP SOME CONVENIENT VEGGIE AND FRUIT SNACKS FRONT AND CENTER IN THE FRIDGE so you won't get stuck searching for the first yummy thing you can find when hunger strikes.  If you work outside the home prep a few individual sized baggies or snap top containers with fresh fruits and veggies at the beginning of the week so you can just grab and go each morning.  

2.  INVEST IN AN OIL MISTER FOR COOKING...You can fill it with healthy olive oil and forgo the not-so-healthy oils or the fat free cooking spray that doesn't seem so healthy once you know what's in it.   We need the good fats found in olive oil anyway, and this kind of mister will help keep you from going overboard on calories.  

3.  KEEP YOUR FREEZER STOCKED WITH FROZEN FRUITS FOR SMOOTHIES.  When that sweet tooth starts screaming for some indulgence, you can satisfy the craving with a delicious and nutrient rich smoothie.  We freeze fresh fruit (fresh strawberries, local blueberries, and discounted ripe bananas) and toss them into a blender with a splash of pineapple juice and some nonfat milk for a satisfying sweet treat.  You can add low-fat yogurt or even some concentrated orange juice to up the flavor factor.  Just keep track of the calories going in.  It's easy to go overboard if you aren't paying attention.  
Hey, throw in some spinach and nuts too if the urge strikes...it's all good!

4.  DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!   Yep, I bet you've heard this one before.  Well, I can attest that drinking my fair share of water seems to make a huge difference in my overall success rate AND the way I feel.  I like to throw some fresh lemon in to give it a punch.  I won't preach all the health AND weight loss benefits to you because you've probably heard it all before.  I have included a couple of links below for anyone interested in reading more about the benefits of keeping hydrated.  

5.  SALADS DON'T HAVE TO BE BORING.  JAZZ UP YOUR SALADS with some tasty ingredients that will take them beyond your average tossed veggies into the realm of gourmet all-in-one meals.  

Here are a couple of my favorite salad masterpieces of late:

Greek inspired goodness!
Start with a bed of Spring Mix,
Layer with a few marinated artichoke hearts,
Low fat feta cheese sprinkles,
Chopped Tomato
Chopped Cucumber
95% Fat Free Turkey slices
Green Olives (not pictured)
Greek Style Vinaigrette
*This salad would be great with a few slices of sweet red onion thrown in too

Tangy Sweet Asian
Start with a bed of fresh Spring Mix.
Layer with chopped fresh tomatoes,
Mandarins (no sugar added),
A handful of walnuts (almond slivers would be good also),
A sprinkle of Feta cheese (low-fat or fat free preferable),
2~3 ounces thin sliced grilled steak
A spoonful of Craisins on top
A side of Sweet Pea Pods and Lime
Top with some store bought Asian dressing or create your own.
{I created my own dressing blending the juice from the mandarin can with some peanut sauce, red pepper flakes and a smidge of Cherry Pomagranate Habanero Sauce...yum!}

For more great salad ideas check out this beautiful Pinterest Board of SALADS:

I have to say I'm really enjoying this 'healthy eating' a lot more than I thought I would be.  

Our Beat the Bulge link party is still going strong.  Don't forget to link up!


  1. My stomach is growling. That steak salad looks so good.

  2. That greek inspired salad looks delicious woah

  3. Yum...loving the artichoke hearts in the salad...such a great idea!! And congrats on the 6 pounds...that's AWESOME!!