Quick~change magnetic desktop photo display

Do you crave change?

Do you move your furniture around often just to give yourself a fresh perspective?

Do you like to switch out the decor and items displayed in your home often?

 I do.
I've been referred to as a chronic re-arranger.  Yep, that's me.  And proud of it.

Plus you never know what you might find behind that tv cabinet (think arsenal of nerf darts at my house)...or under the couch (enough money for an ice cream bar ~ if you're not on a diet!)

I've moved some pretty hefty furniture by myself too.  Scott has come home on occasion and questioned who may have helped me.  No secret furniture moving boyfriends around here though.  Promise ;)
I think I get 'super furniture rearranging powers' when the desire overtakes me.  Maybe.

But on to the desk frame  :)

This wooden piece is what remains of an inexpensive desk clock after I robbed it of it's clock-works.
(You can see what I did with all those clocks HERE.)
I couldn't bear the thought of chucking these little wooden frames.  There had to be something useful for them.  A few ideas have come to mind, so expect to see more of these cuties later...

This one has become a quick~change magnetic desk frame

I painted it with acrylic craft paint using a dry brush technique, which left some of the wood peaking through.

I bought this metal plate for .79 cents at the hardware store.  My plan was to wrap it with this fabric and attach it to the front of the frame.  I cut a piece of the fabric...

Folded it around the metal plate and taped the corners and edges down.
When I put it on the front of the wooden base it looked kinda like a quilt square...
not the look I was going for.  Scratch that.  I didn't even leave it there long enough to take a picture.  Sorry.

I ended up painting the metal with a coat of white acrylic paint and glueing it to the front of the wooden base with E6000.

A couple strips of ribbon were then glued to the top and bottom of the metal.

I glued a scrapbook flower to a small round magnet with E6000 also.
This holds the photos in place.

Now all those darling photos can be swapped out regularly...giving all our lovely friends and family their day in the limelight.

Right where we can see them!

And if I want to go beachy I just swap out the flower for this starfish magnet.  :)
(Isn't that Farmers' Market Basket cute?  You can find that HERE too.)

Okay, that's one wooden clock base down and only...hmm...11 more to go!

What would you use these wooden bases for?   I would love to hear your ideas.

And thanks for stopping by today.
Loved having you here!

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  1. Yep, change things around constantly...my husband has resigned himself to it. I find Super Sliders to be my best moving friend - get them under the furniture and it just slides easily into it's new spot. :)
    Love your magnetic photo frame - great repurpose!

    1. Love those sliders Cecilia! I just keep a set under the tv console at all times ;)

  2. I love the cute sweet little project...it looks like it was a fun thing to work on and still be creative...I change things up too, keeps things interesting...

  3. I am constantly changing the photo on my desk, this is perfect!! Brilliant, Sherry!!!

  4. Oh, I know where you get your need for changing the furniture! I just re-arranged my living room for the first time in a long time and it is so nice! But I really love the magnitic photo display and I have a couple clocks that have stopped working and would fill that bill so very well! Thanks for the wonderful idea. And I have lots of photos that need the spot light, too! Thanks, Sherry. You always know how to inspire a girl! (Or a Mom!)

  5. That's really cute Sherry.

    I know what you mean about the furniture, I moved mine every weekend for a year when I first moved in hoping I could find a way to make everything look less blue since I was Woking full time and just didn't have a soar moment o pant...didn't work, Julian freaks when he sees I've moved it on my own :)

  6. So cute and easy...love the new blog photo too!! How was the St. Patty's run????

  7. Love this Sherry. Clever idea to be able to look at all your different photos. I might even like the one that looked like a quilt block...thinking, thinking... :)

  8. I love this! Don't forget to link up to The DIY'ers! http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/search/label/The%20DIY%27ers

  9. How fun! This is great...love the easy change out of the photos! Perfect!

  10. Wow! I am in love with this idea. This is so cute. And even I am not the crafty type of person; I think I will give this idea a try. It is pretty yet could really make a big difference. Thanks a lot for sharing.