Expressing My Love Through Chocolate

This one goes way back...right back to the 80's actually.

I remember going to Tupperware parties with my mom.  It seemed there was a Tupperware party at least once a month back when I was young.  Maybe that's how people socialized back then.  ;)

When I was somewhere around Jr. High School, maybe 7th grade, we got these Tupperware funnels at one of those parties.  The "Tupperware Lady" taught us a trick that night.  My big sister, Loma, and I, made these for our closest Jr. High School friends as Valentines gifts back then.
This one has some tin foil poked into the end of the funnel...you'll see why!
After Christmas this last year, I was left with a ginormous surplus of mini marshmallows.  I must have got a bunch on sale with the intentions of making more Moose Munch.  That stuff is just unbelievably yummy...if you haven't tried it you should!  Okay, back to the mini marshmallows...

So many marshmallows...what would I do with them???  There's always Rice Krispies Treats.  That will use up some, but I wanted to do something different.  That's when my mind wandered waaaay back to about 1983...

We used to take these funnels and use them as molds for fudge: 
I sprayed the inside with non-stick cooking spray first.   Once the fudge was in I propped it in a small glass to sit in the fridge and cool.

( This picture makes me realize how badly I want to change my countertops. 
!Aye aye aye! )

Sorry, back to the subject at hand.  I drifted..

Once the fudge was cooled completely, I carefully dumped it out of the funnel "mold" and placed it flat side down on a square of tin foil. 

Mine came out nice and easy, but if you have any trouble you could dip the funnel in warm water for a second, or wrap a warm towel around the outside to loosen it up a bit. 

See how nice it turned out!  Don't you just want a bite?

Now it was time to add a personal touch.  In Microsoft Word, I typed "Sherry's Kisses" over and over again in a similar shade as the blue that HERSHEY'S KISSES is typed in.   I kept this one really simple for sharing purposes, but you could type out an entire love message on your strip of paper ~ if you wanted.  Or a "Thank You For Your Friendship" message.  Whatever works.  Maybe a teacher Valentine.  I know I would love a big kiss like this!

  All that's left to do is wrap it up and give your kiss to somebody special.

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 I gave mine to the most adorable, hard-working, chocolate-loving, kiss-aholic I know!   I've got more treats in store for him on Valentines Day...but I'm not sharing those with you!

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  1. Omg! Those are frickin' adorable!

  2. OMG - If only hubby could make me one of these. :) Love it! x J

  3. You are a genius!!! I want one right now :)
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  4. How "sweet" is that! LOL! Too cute and I want to make them! Do you have the recipe for the fudge? I know a lot of people who could use a big kiss around here. That is just too awesome and if it's on Pinterest I bet you get a zillion re-pins! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I've been to Tupperware parties and I've never seen that trick. That is the neatest idea and I have a great fudge recipe I could use. If only I still had a funnel around.....

  6. You're right, this isn't a trash to treasure so *wince* I will have to erase it BUT that doesn't mean I can't comment on how AWESOME this is!!!!! I love your personalized kisses!!! chocolate kisses....... :)

  7. What a cute idea! How clever to use the funnel! Absolutely brilliant.

  8. Absolutely adorable!! Very creative idea!

  9. Awesome idea! My kids would freak out over this. haha

  10. I used to LOVE making these with my mom when I was growing up! I totally remember those Tupperware funnels. It would be fun to make these with my own kids! Thanks so much for linking up to Sassy Sites for our free for all party. Be sure to join us tomorrow morning for some shout outs! Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. A chocolate lovers delight! How can it get any bettr than this?

  12. I love chocolate kisses, the bigger the better! Yum!

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    XO, Aimee

  14. Oh my goodness! That is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing this idea - and I am also wondering how I missed this back in the 80's :)

  15. LOVE it! So stinkin' cute! What a great idea! Thanks for showing off at my place!

  16. This i have to try! Very cool


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