Roadkill Rescue

Roadkill Rescue has gone and done it again.

That's right...and we are more than thankful for their generous features of our projects here at P{3}!  Just click on the picture of the sweet little mini horse tote below to go see the feature for yourself and don't forget to leave Beckie some comment love!

Thanks Mom for sharing these adorable bags with us AND thanks Beckie @ Roadkill Rescue for sharing them with all her viewers also! 

A limited number of bags are available for purchase at my mom's brand new Etsy shop if you are interested:




  1. Thank you for all you are doing and have done! I did get a blog going with the same name, but it is just bare bones right now! I will probably never get mine to look like yours! Anyway, thanks so much and smiles!

    1. Gladys,
      I would love to "follow" your blog! I went to your shop to try and tell you to join Mary Jane's Farm chat room and for free you can show them your bags. I am sure they would be "over the moon" for them! I love them too but I'm trying to keep to a budget! LOL! When I read your profile I couldn't beleive how much we have in common. I rode horses for years and loved it but got sick and had to sell my farm. I also have a miniature dachsund. I have a Rottweiller too....they have the same coloring but TOTALLY different body types! Too cute...they look like Mutt and Jeff out in the yard together. I wish you much luck and love your "kids" and their website!