"Good Day 2012, nice to finally make your acquaintance!"

We started off the day with a good breakfast and some much needed coffee.

I made "Hootenanny" (or oven pancake) and some "cupcake omelets"  with eggs, leftover ham, cream and some cheddar cheese for our first breakfast of the year.

The Hootenanny was really quite easy....I combined 1 cup flour, 1 cup milk, 1/4 tsp salt and poured it into a greased pan, drizzled it with 1/2 a stick of melted butter and cooked it in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes.  Serve with maple syrup. 

While I was whipping up breakfast, the Motivated Mister had taken himself into the closet to play with his tools and some scrap wood he'd scored on a Craigslist run. 

This is our under-the-stairs closet.  (Try not to notice how bad the carpet looks, please...).
We really need to maximize this space for our storage needs.  We are short on storage space since we renovated our garage into a classroom for my day job with preschoolers.

This is what happens...everything get's shoved into the little angle area under the stairs and it's almost impossible to get anything out when you need it.  Check it out...we've got some good projects in this space, waiting their turn for a new life!

Sadie, staring out the window and wondering when someone's going to get tired of all the DIY and take her for a walk.  Don't worry Sadie.  Momma got a new Nike running watch for her birthday so there are many jogs in your future...and mine.  And that's as close as you all will get to a New Years resolution from me.  :)

So, my husband was in the closet with his tools...

We went to a party on Friday night and when someone asked him what he does for fun he said, "Whatever keeps my wife happy!"  Hahaha.  He's so funny, isn't he!?

These shelves are really starting to make me happy though! 

Mister Motivated took a picture of all of his tools for you to see. 
(I think maybe he's showing off now.)

Look at him in there making them pretty for me!!! 
(Whatever makes me happy, right?)

He really is so sweet.
I'm going to make sure I do whatever it is that makes him happy too!!!

Happy New Year Friends!
May your New Year be filled with love, generosity and whatever makes you happy!

All the Best,

Scott & Sherry

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  1. Okay....I'm adopting your family! I need a decent son-in-law and my daughter's not speaking to me so I think I will just adopt you guys instead...much easier than trying to figure them out! Plus, look at that great breakfast I could have had and a "handy" son-in-law and you love each other and are happy...I hit the jackpot with you 2! Don't worry...I'll call before I come. LOL!!! Just kidding!