Our wine bottle lamps are being featured by Beckie at Roadkill Rescue today!

Head on over there and take a look:

Thanks again Beckie!


  1. Those are so nice! I love the way glass reflects light anyway, to make it a lamp is genius!
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  2. Wow! Quite a post! Beautiful and so true quotes...I learned the hard way after getting ill but I'm back in the saddle again and being true to myself and enjoying "The Present". Thank you for sharing those words.
    Scott to the rescue! What a man! If either of my 2 husbands could have been like that I might still be with them! LOL!
    Where do you find wine bottles like that? I only have one dinky one with the straw around it. I need to hang out at liquor stores more often although I live in a dry county so it's a bit of a drive! Ha! Ha! Yes, I live in the South where the only bars are in people's closets!
    Beautiful lamps! Are you selling them? If not you should!