Roadkill Rescue is featuring our Tripod Lamp!

If you haven't been here before, you should know that Scott and I are having a seriously good time creating things out of virtually nothing.  Taking things that we find for little or no money and making them into something useful or beautiful.  I think our Tripod Floor Lamp is both! 

Click here if you would like to see how it came to life. 

WE MUST GIVE ANOTHER SHOUT OUT TO BECKIE FARRANT, AND ROADKILL RESCUE, who is featuring our Tripod Floor lamp today!  If you haven't seen Roadkill Rescue, you have to go check out all of the cool things that have been "rescued". 

Beckie is awesome for creating Roadkill Rescue to highlight so many amazing "rescues" and we are thrilled that our work is worthy of being shared with so many viewers.  If it wasn't for Beckie, and others like her, we wouldn't have near the exposure that we do. 

Thanks Beckie and Roadkill Rescue!!!

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