My To Do List - I am so glad you are here

I am so glad you are here

My To Do List:

I'll never find the time
To do all the things I want to do.

Like learn how to write
In a proper sort of way.

Or take pictures
That move people without words.

I really want to!
Especially since I'm still working on those words...

And what about the chaos
Still waiting to be calmed?

The objects staring at me
from every surface in my home?

It will all have to wait
Until the part of me that gives it value,

Recognizes it for what it is...
Just a bunch of stuff;  Not so worthwhile.

Once we clear some precious space
Our project stories can be told.

Creativity will have free reign
In the space that we unfold.

Friends and Family should always feel welcome ~
Both in our hearts and in our home.

Without them our lives
Would feel so cold.

And don't let me forget
That my family needs the biggest part of me.

I guess that means I can't forget
My health and fitness as a priority.

For the energy I'll need
Just to keep up with all of this.

But when it feels too much ~
That it has me feeling crushed...

PLEASE help me remember to Thank God
And present him with my Heart.

For only He can truly love
Each and Every Unfinished Part.

When I was in the fourth grade, we had a poem writing assignment.  I got so scared and insecure about standing in front of class and reading a poem out loud, that I was frozen with fear.  I couldn't write a single word.  Athough my parents raised me with very good values...my need to turn in my assignment outweighed my sense of wrong and right that day.  I copied a cute little poem from a huge book on our shelf.  I believe later I realized it was called "The Book of Well Known American Poetry".  Lauging OUT LOUD!  It didn't seem such a big deal.  It only had a few lines, and it said
~ Author Unknown.

How could I, a child, have known how recognizable that poem was!  That my teacher would instantly recognize it as not my own.  He was very diplomatic in how he pulled me aside.  He let me know I had to write my own verses that night.  Shamefaced, I went and did just that.  Even though he had been kind enough not to blab to anyone in the class.  He did not tell my parents.  At least they didn't say.  I was so very naive.  Boy, the lesson I learned that day.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that sometimes I still just feel like that little girl...just trying to find my own words.  I hope you forgive me if they seem scattered at times.  Maybe just a little scared.  I really only hope to share something of interest with those of you who find it worth the time to read what I write here.

I am so glad you are here!

This was thrown together (literally) with some scrapbook papers and embellishments that were secured with glue dots into an old frame. I had the frame hanging around because the glass had long ago broken, and I just couldn't throw it away.  This space in our entryway is patiently waiting for it's perfect mate, The Mirror.  But it needed something to fill it until then.  And I was avoiding what I really need to be doing...Purging.  Seriously.

I hope you like it. 

We love visitors!

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  1. What a great idea...AGAIN! You're amazing and sounds like you ARE a writer already. I was a young Mother long ago with a career where I was on call all the time and didn't take time to take care of myself spiritually or physically...you're definitely smarter than I was. To thine own self be true....(Author Unknown because I can't remember...Shakespeare?). Don't try to be all things to all people...just be you...if people love you that is enough!
    P.S. Let us both get "the urge to purge" and stay with it! You go girlfriend! (and me too)