Storage Under the Stairs

Awhile ago I showed you the mess under our stairs.  There is a large amount of space under there, but it just hasn't been utilized in a smart way. 

Click this photo if you would like to see the previous post about this space.

I asked Scotty if he would add some shelves for me.  He had some scrap lumber that would do the trick, so he went to work adding shelving for me...well for him too since it will store both of our stuff.  ;)

 So now I have some extra space to put all of our stuff:

They turned out pretty darn nice for a bunch of scrap wood.  Even the trim around the edges is leftover fence boards that he ripped down on his table saw.  I love that we are finding ways to use up this old scrap wood (besides as fuel for our chiminea).

It didn't take long to fill them up with our stuff.  I haven't had a chance to get them all dolled up for a party yet.  Grin.  We have a huge purging and organizing project that includes this closet, the laundry room/pantry, and the storage area in the garage.  It needs to get done soon.  Until then, we don't want to do too much more with this area ~ because we aren't sure what will end up here. 

This works for now.

I was able to fit my painted wooden chest in here ~ to the right of the shelves.  (I have retro~fitted this chest with hanging files and folders for my records ~ it's pretty handy).  My black travelling scrapbook bag is down in the angle of the closet and I have a rolling craft cart that I pull out daily for the preschoolers arts and crafts.

The chest makes a nice surface for our tote bags...the flowery one for Sadie and her pooch stuff, and the wicker bag with beach towels...for when we go into the hot tub.

This beauty is a shoe organizer filled with tennis ball jars ~ the jars hold knobs, pulls, screws and many other goodies for our ongoing craft projects.  It is a lifesaver to have this here. 

Expect great things from this closet space.  We are working on several projects ~ not to mention the Great Organization Project of 2012 to include:  the laundry room, pantry, stairwell closet and garage storage area!  I want it all to be pretty and practical when we are done.  I think it's about time for a good purge!

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I think it's time for the hot tub.  :)

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  1. I guess it IS time for the hot tub! You 2 have been busy! The under the stair area looks great and boy do I wish I could get my hands on some tennis ball containers! What a great size they are. I save all jars and clear containers for "stuff" and I have a label maker to boot. I have a garage (this house was my parents who both passed and all their stuff was in here when I moved here with my stuff...a little crowded...still) that is filled with my Dad's constructions tools, nails, screws etc. He had them in cardboard boxes and left the garage door open all the time and mud wasps got into all of them...AHHH!!! I spent days out there going through everything and I'm still not done but there's a lot separated and labeled into jars now. I had a garage sale of ladders and tools...there was no "cordless" back in the day and they weighed a TON! But I kept the good stuff...nice table saw etc. Anyway...I digress...I just wish you guys lived near here. You could probably use a lot of this stuff! Or not. You inspire me!