Liebster Award Recipients

And the award goes to…

Remember when I said I’d received the Liebster award from not one, but two fellow bloggers?

http://www.adventuresofourfami-ly.blogspot.com/    and http://vintagechateau.blogspot.com/???


Well it’s now time to pass it on to some other well deserving blogs.

Liebster is a German word that means favorite, dearest. It’s basically just a friendly gesture and shout-out to the newbies (like me!) here in the blogosphere!

Here are the blogs I’m excited to pass the award along to:

Meet Jessie  at Imperfectly polished ~ "I am a first grade teacher, wife, Christ follower, puppy-mom to the cutest goldendoodle in the world, daughter, friend, sister, addicted DIYer, occasional sewer, chocolate lover, couch cuddling enthusiast, risk-taker, nap lover, bloggin fool who loves making my home beautiful. Supa cheap. I mean that in the classiest of ways."
When you get there go take a look at her home photos...I think she really rocks at the Supa cheap DIY thing!   http://imperfectlypolished.com/our-home/

Meet Shari at Turnstyle Vogue ~ "My name is Shari and I am so excited to be here. My business is Turnstyle Vogue Design & Styling and this blog is my official website. You will be able to read my thoughts on design and styling and see my latest projects. In addition, my custom furniture pieces will be available through my shop. I love to create spaces that tell a story about those who live there. Something that has style but can also be lived in and functional."
You must check out her gallery when you get there.  It's full of beautiful projects to drool over:   http://www.turnstylevogue.com/p/gallery.html

Meet B3 Home Designs ~ Where vintage chic and DIY [still] collide. A bold, beautiful and brainy home.
Check out this darling tutorial she did as her 1st project in a series of 31 DIY projects(oh, okay, she wasn't able finish but you won't be able to hold that against her!) :   http://b3hd.blogspot.com/2011/10/project-1-rock-bowl-flame-31-diy.html

Meet John, the mastermind behind the frugal tree.  A man brave enough to use vintage tools as home decor.  He has a very interesting tutorial on how to make wine bottle votive candle cover:   http://thefrugaltree.blogspot.com/2012/01/breaking-bottles.html

Meet Erin at Lavendar and Lemondrops.  She says, "My site was designed so I could share my tips, projects, and decorating style with you!"
Don't forget to see what she was up to in 2011:  http://lavenderandlemondrops.com/?s=2011

 It seems that each of these bloggers may have already learned what I believe to be a very important lesson:

“Life is short. Live your dream and share your passion.”
-Holstee's Manifesto

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  1. Hi Sherry (and Scott) . . . Wow, thanks for "honoring me" with the Liebster Blog award. It's always hard to garner followers when starting a new blog (as I'm finding out since this is my first). I'm thankful for those who have found me and are now following as I have lots of ideas to share. I certainly would love many more of course. It's quite motivational and exciting to see a new follower or a comment to one of my posts. So, thanks to Pondered, Primed, Perfected for giving me a little "bloggy boost"!