For the Love of Vanessa!

Scott's been working on some chalkboards.

Nothing fancy.

Just some old cabinet doors and chalkboard paint.

Sometimes we let a piece "speak to us" to let us know what it should be...

Not just another chalkboard.

Something with a bit more personality.

He likes to arrange things.

Just to see how long it will take me to rearrange.

I'm telling you...

He's sort of passive aggressive that way!

So he pushed some pushpins into the wall...

And this is what I found when I came home the other day. 

A bunch of almost finished chalkboards waiting to greet me! 

They were patiently waiting for those special touches.

I left them for a bit, but then...

The green with stained frame was destined to be a menu planner for the new pantry.  

The remainder got moved around a bit.  Can't help it.  ;)

We were still waiting to hear what they wanted to be...so we left them ~ to dream...

The next morning, this is what they had to say:

We definitely love you, Vanessa!!!

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